Conference 2015


Mainstreaming Ethical Consumption - Sponsored by Triodos





Mainstreaming Ethical Consumption: challenges, opportunities and risks


Our conference for 2015 brought together leaders in their field to help develop thinking on how producers, retailers and consumers need to evolve to meet the demands of the mainstream.

Below you can find audio and images from the day.




The ethical market in the age of austerity


Rob Harrison, founder of Ethical Consumer, presents a broad overview of the ethical market and its direction of travel, including:

  • New research on price and ethical products
  • Ethical Markets Report and 5 learnings about the ethical market
  • Future trends in the ethical market

Rob's presentation (pdf download). 


What it means to be a campaigning business

Hilary Jones - Lush Cosmetics Director of Ethics



Reducing Consumption - the ultimate challenge?

Kate Soper
 - Emerita Professor of Philosophy, writer on 'alternative hedonism' and advocate of the pleasures of reduced consumption.

Download the presentation (pdf) 



Challenges for Ethical Labelling

Barbara Crowther, Director of policy and public affairs at the Fairtrade Foundation: Taking on the Reputational Challenge.

Download the presentation


Other speakers included: 

Vivian Woodell, Chief Executive of The Phone Co-op: The value of independent ethical accreditation? 

Carla Tavares, Marketing Manager from FSC: discusses the finer points of the organisation's recent re-branding strategy. Download the presentation (pdf)

Amy Jackson, Senior Credibility Manager at the ISEAL Alliance: How the labelling sector can maintain standards and consumer confidence. Download the presentation (pdf)


Panel: Ethical Labelling                                            Vivian Woodell, Phone Co-op


Carla Tavares, FSC                                                   Amy Jackson, ISEAL Alliance





Ethics at scale

Taking an ethical business into the mainstream - Charlotte Borger, Director of Communications, Divine Chocolate.

Download the presentation


The challenges of mainstreaming ethical finance - Huw Davies, Head of Personal Banking, Sales and Marketing at Triodos Bank

Download the presentation (pdf)


Ethics on the high street - Clare McDermott, Business Development Director at the Soil Association

Download the presentation (pdf) 


Challenges in the electronics sector - Tessa Wernink, Communications Director at Fairphone.


This panel also featured:

Growing your business without compromising ethics - Bob Cannell, Member of SUMA workers' co-operative (the largest workers' co-op in the UK) and Director of Co-ops UK.



Bob Cannell, SUMA workers                                        Panel: Taking ethical business into the mainstream


Discussion groups

The day also featured a number of discussion groups including: 

Sustainable Palm Oil
- Boycott or Buy? - Introduced by Ruth Strange of Ethical Consumer

The Boycotts, Divestment and Sanction movement - Where next for Palestine/Israel? Introduced by Syed Ikhlaas from MADE 

Tax Justice - How can consumers and companies best bring an end to extreme tax avoidance? With Meesha Nehru and Richard Livings of the Fair Tax Mark.

Ethical labelling - challenges and challengers. With Lucy Findlay from the Social Enterprise Mark. 

Reducing consumption - Challenges and opportunities. With Dr Dan Welch - Director Ethical Consumer and Research Associate at the Sustainable Consumption Institute  


Discussion group on ethical Labelling                       Discussion group on reducing consumption





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