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Collaborating for Change 


How consumers, businesses, campaigners and governments can work together to advance ethical markets.

We welcomed a host of speakers, stall holders and consumers to our 2016 annual conference to discuss how we can work together to bring about real social and environmental change.

Find out how the day unfolded with audio recordings of each speaker and a video of the brexit debate.


Big thanks to Suma Wholefoods for sponsoring our conference. 



Why we need Ethical Markets and how can we protect and build on what we have?

An introduction from Ethical Consumer editor and founder Rob Harrison



Collaborating on ethical purchasing by governments and local authorities:

The first panel of the day discussed how local authorities can exclude unethical consumption from their procurement and investment processes.


Paul Monaghan, Director of the Fair Tax Mark 

Tax Avoidance and public sector procurement - the campaign to exclude tax avoiding companies from public sector contracts.



John Hilary, Executive Director of War on Want

Banning local authority boycotts and the failure of government to safeguard the rights of Palestinians 



Dani Paffard, UK Divestment Organiser at

Carbon divesting institutions and local government. 



Images from our workshops 


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We had four different workshops on the following topics:

  • Collaborating on controlling corporate power
  • Collaborating on energy (incentives and campaigning)
  • Collaborating on Setting Minimum Standards
  • Collaborating on Business Supply Chains




Collaborating on transparency and disclosure

The second panel focused on supply chains in a number of different sectors. 


Colleen Theron, Sustainability lawyer and consultant at CLT envirolaw


Modern Slavery Act - its potential impacts and limitations.



Nathaniel Dyer, Campaign Leader, Global Witness

Conflict Minerals - company transparency and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Sarah Ditty, Head of Policy at Fashion Revolution

Transparency in the fashion industry.



Fiona Gooch, Senior Policy Adviser at Traidcraft

Transparency of, and improvements to, retailers’ sourcing practices.



Jenny Carlyle, member of the Suma food co-operative

Supply chains in food retail.



Key note Speaker - Marilyn Croser, Director of CORE

Holding companies to account  



Debate: “Brexit - where next for Ethical Consumerism in the UK?”



A Question Time-style debate on the future of consumer campaigning and the possibilities for ethical consumption in a post-EU UK

Speakers (from left to right):

  • Matt Grady, Policy and Advocacy Adviser at Traidcraft
  • Constance Laisné, co-founder of Altgen
  • Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party
  • Marilyn Croser, Director of CORE
  • Michelle Thew, CEO of Cruelty Free International





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