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The ten most read guides and articles from Ethical Consumer in 2014.

Clothes shops

Ethical Consumer magazine

Fashion Victims

Product guides to high street and online clothes shops. Including ethical and environmental ratings for 57 high street and online shops and Best Buy recommendations

Also Rana Plaza update, living wage report, Uzbek cotton and environmental information and much much more...

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Amazon-free books and e-readers

insurance special report

How to buy books without shopping at Amazon

As part of our Boycott Amazon campaign, we look at how we can challenge the retail Goliath when buying books and e-readers.

The report includes product guides to bookshops, online booksellers, e-books and e-readers.

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Guide to savings accounts

Where to put your savings

Ethical and environmental ratings for 54 savings accounts along with our best buy recommendations.

Part of a sector report on the banking industy

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Mobile phone report

Reasons for hope

One of our most popular reports this year was our guide to mobile phones, networks and broadband.

The report showed the emergence of a fledgling ethical sector that was beginning to challenge the big corporates in the sector, most notably the Fairphone project.

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supermarkets guide

Which is the most ethical supermarket?

Our latest guide ranks the seven major supermarkets against the discounters Aldi, Lidl and Iceland. Plus, which supermarket comes top for online shopping.

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Current boycotts list

The most comprehensive English language list of active boycotts

Our boycott list is widely regarded as the most comprehensive English-language list of progressive boycotts. We regularly add boycotts to the list and you can help by emailing the news editor with any relevant information.

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Laptops buyers' guide

How to choose the greenest laptop

Find out who's top of our ranking of laptop brands. We rate 16 brands on 23 social and environmental issues and recommend Best Buys. Who's best for workers' rights, energy efficiency and toxic chemicals.

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Alternative clothing

Ethical clothes stores

We rate and rank the ethical brands to see who is the best of the best.

Ethical and environmental ratings for 16 alternative clothing brands and we ask the question, "Why is ethical fashion still a niche market?"

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adidas corporate profile


High street clothes retailer Primark, which is owned by Associated British Foods, is always in and out of the news.

Every year we hear stories of abuse at supplier factories, usually on the Indian sub continent.

Average product rating 2.5/20.

Read the company profile for Primark


Bars of Chocolate

Our guide to the most ethical treats

The guide includes ethical and environmental ratings for 101 chocolate bars with Best Buy recommendations.

Plus more on child labour in the cocoa industry, palm oil and genetic modification.

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Ethical made easy

Detailed ethical ratings for over 40,000 companies, brands and products, plus Ethical Consumer magazine.

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