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Last updated: December 2016


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Ethical Consumer provides the tools and resources to ensure you can make ethical choices easily. We provide shopping guides for 100s of products that can be tailored to suit your personal ethics.

Our website is the hub of the ethical consumer movement with latest news, company profiles, campaigns to support and top tips for the conscious ethical shopper. 

Image: Georgina

This year, we have focused on improving our website for our users. We re-designed some key areas, such as the homepage and our product guides

We have also successfully implemented our ‘Places to Buy’ box on our product guides. This provides links to ethical retailers, making shopping ethically just a click away. 

We are witnessing a steady growth in web visits, and celebrated our best November with nearly 150,000 visitors coming to our website. 

We hope more people continue to find our website useful in the new year. 

Georgina - Web Editor. 



Most Popular Guides

palm oil special report

Clothing Guides

Our clothing guides are the most viewed pages on our website. The clothing industry has become one of the most destructive industries in the world. Consumers head to our site to find alternatives and to hold clothing companies to account.

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Image: Supermarkets

Most popular product guide from food & drink

Ethical and environmental ratings for 11 different supermarkets. The rise of the discount shops, Lidl and Aldi and how they are impacting ethics on the high street. 

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Mobile Phones

Image: Mobile Phones

Most viewed shopping guide from electronics 

The rise of the smartphone has dominated the electronics industry, with 81% of of adults now owning one.

With ethics in the industry lagging, it is no wonder consumers are heading to our website looking for an ethical alternative.  

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Green Electricity

Image: Green energy

Most popular product guide from energy

We list 16 green electricity tariffs to help consumers switch to a sustainable alternative. 

This guide remains popular as more consumers realise they can make conscious green energy choices in their own homes. 

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Current Accounts

Image: Current Accounts

Most popular guide from money section

Our money guides are very popular on our website as people start to question what kind of projects their money is funding. 

This year we launched our Carbon Divestment campaign which asks people to move their money away from banks funding fossil fuel projects. 

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Image: Booksellers guide

Most popular guide from miscellaneous

Part of our 'Avoiding Amazon' series, this bookshops guide is proving useful as more people join our boycott against Amazon

We promote a number of online ethical alternatives. 

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Most Read Report

Image: Electronics Report

The Electronics Industry

This industry is notorious for poor workers' rights, use of conflict minerals and tax avoidance. 

Most of us now carry a mobile phone and have a personal laptop. However, there continues to be a lack of awareness about who makes our electronics and with what materials. 

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Ethical Shopping

Our palm oil-free list is the most viewed page on ethical shopping

Palm oil is in so many consumer goods (food and cosmetics) it's hard to find products without it.

That is why our list has proved so useful for consumers who are looking to boycott this problem ingredient.

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Boycott Amazon

Image: Amazon

Our Amazon Boycott remains a hot topic

This year, Amazon has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Workers from a number of Amazon warehouses in the UK have spoken out against "intolerable conditions". 

This has given our Amazon Boycott further leverage as people begin to resist the urge to buy from the online giant. 

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Most Viewed Feature

The ethical benefits of not eating meat

Ditching meat for a plant-based diet is no new phenomenon. However, an increasing amount of people are changing their lifestyle as they realise the extreme and damaging consequences that are caused by the global meat industry. 

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New Video

In November we released our new promotional video. The video appears our homepage and an edited version appears on our sales pages. We hope you like it.

Our Mission - Ethical Consumer from Ethical Consumer on Vimeo.



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