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Boycott News from Issue 102 Sept/Oct 2006



Unions launch one million pound boycott against Peugeot

Amicus and the T&G unions have served notice of a million pound campaign against Peugeot with national newspaper advertisements encouraging people not to buy Peugeot and Citroen cars.
The company announced in April that it will close its Ryton factory in Coventry next year, with the direct loss of 2,300 jobs, and move production to France and low-wage Slovakia.

Amicus and the T&G want Peugeot to keep Ryton open on the basis of the survival plan developed by the unions - or they will be calling on people and companies looking to buy cars to penalise the company for putting still-greater profits before their loyal British workforce.

The unions are also campaigning for the strengthening of UK labour laws to stop workers here being more vulnerable to redundancy than those on the continent, where employment protection is stronger. Amicus say that minimum redundancy pay in some EU countries is almost five times that of the UK.

Speaking at the union’s conference in Scarborough, Amicus’ General Secretary, Derek Simpson, said “successive UK governments have insisted on setting minimum standards for redundancy in the hope that a ‘flexible’ economy will attract greater employment and investment here but the reality is that our workers are just made more dispensable.”

For further information contact the TGWU on 020 7611 2500



Airlines Boycotts


Singapore Airlines

Friends of the Earth International are calling for an immediate boycott of Singapore Airlines in protest against threats of government repression during the forthcoming World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) Annual Meeting.

As part of a policy of constructive engagement, the World Bank and IMF have allowed non-governmental organisations to hold rallies at annual meetings as long as the groups are accredited by the two organisations.

But the Singapore Government has issued a warning that it is prepared to cane or imprison protestors who commit “violent crimes” during the meeting due to be held in September. FOEI argue that identifying violent offenders in crowds is often very difficult.

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Global union body the ITF have launched a consumer boycott of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), acting on behalf of eight trade unions to pressurise the Pakistani government to stop the victimisation of aviation workers.

The ITF states that with the active support of the Pakistan government, PIA has attacked union members for years, suspending and sacking them with impunity, even when the PIA’s actions have been ruled as unlawful by the Supreme Court.

For more information contact ITF press officer Sam Dawson +44 (0)20 7940 9260 or email



Libby’s removed from Nestlé boycotts list

The producers of Libby’s fruit juices, which includes organic products, have contacted Baby Milk Action indicating that all links with Nestlé have now ended.

Nestlé is the target of an international boycott over its aggressive marketing of baby foods and Baby Milk Action lists all major brands from which Nestlé profits. Although Nestlé sold the company to Gerber Foods Soft Drinks in 1999, it retained ownership of the brand name and so profited from sales.

Many wholefood shops, other retailers and consumers have avoided Libby’s branded products rather than line Nestlé’s pockets and will welcome the end of the link to Nestlé.

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Tourists asked to avoid dolphins in distress

British holidaymakers are being urged to boycott dolphin shows amid growing concerns over the plight of aquatic mammals in captivity.

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society argues that the basic needs of dolphins cannot be met in captivity and that they suffer extreme physical and mental distress, which can result in aggressive behaviour as well as a lower survival rate and higher infant mortality than their wild counterparts.

Campaigners are also concerned because a dolphin’s main way of seeing the world, a natural sonar called echolocation, becomes redundant in captivity. In particular, Ric O’Barry, one of the world’s most experienced captive dolphin experts, is calling for tourists to boycott Manati Park, a tourist attraction in the Bavaro region of the Dominican Republic.

He is quoted as saying he has “never seen dolphins as overworked as these.”
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