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Boycott News form Issue 104 Jan/Feb 2007


Boycott short haul flights

Aviation is the fastest-growing source of climate change causing greenhouse-gas emissions, and Flight Pledge Union are on a mission to get us out of the air. Their website calls for people to take the “single most effective decision you can take to reduce your impact on the climate” and pledge to limit the number of flights you take.

There are two pledges – gold and silver. If you sign the gold pledge, you promise to boycott flying completely in the coming year. If you sign the silver pledge, you promise not to take more than two return short-haul flights, or one return long-haul flight, for the next year.
For readers beyond congratulating themselves for taking one long haul flight a year, direct action group Plane Stupid may provide more inspiration.

On the 6th November the group shut down 30 travel agents by chaining their front doors shut and leaving signs on the windows reading, “Closed for a total rethink. See”

Sign the flight pledge or send an email, alternatively telephone 07722 215769 or email Plane Stupid.



Indian villagers call for Coca-Cola boycott

Over a thousand villagers protested at Coca-Cola’s north India headquarters, demanding that the company take immediate actions to clean up its act in India.

The village of Mehdiganj and surrounding villages have been experiencing severe water shortages since Coca-Cola started bottling operations there. The remaining groundwater and the soil have also been polluted as a result of the bottling plant’s operations.

The Central Pollution Control Board of India, the primary environmental regulatory agency, has confirmed high levels of lead, cadmium and chromium in the sludge being produced by the plant.

“Access to water is a fundamental human right and the Coca-Cola company is denying this right to thousands of people across India,” said Nandlal Master of Lok Samiti, a community organization from Mehdiganj at the forefront of the campaign against Coca-Cola.“We will continue to campaign until people across India can live free of the abuses being perpetrated by these companies.”

Communities in India campaigning against Coca-Cola for creating water shortages and pollution enjoy tremendous support internationally. Close to twenty colleges and universities in the United States and the United Kingdom are restricting the sale of Coca-Cola products until the company genuinely addresses the concerns in India.

UK boycott organisers hope the campaign will be as effective as similar action against Nestlé.

For more information, visit or email them



Canadian seafood linked to seal killings

Respect for Animals are calling for UK consumers to boycott seafood from Canada. The group is asking shoppers, retailers and importers not to buy Canadian seafood and fish products as they are produced by the same people who are killing the seals.

Over 325,000 seals, the vast majority under three months old, were killed for their fur this year alone. In the last four years over one million seal pups have been clubbed or shot to death, and many are likely to have been skinned alive.

Respect for Animals claim that Canadian sealers’ main income comes from the sale (and export) of fish and seafood products, and that the UK imports over £50 million of this each year.

The Boycott Canada campaign is urging consumers to support the seals by not buying Canadian seafood, and its website contains tips on avoiding it. Much of the Canadian seafood does seem to be helpfully labelled with a large maple leaf symbol.

The campaign is having other far-reaching effects as well. 425 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have signed a Written Declaration calling for a ban on products made from seals in the European Union.

The breakthrough came following international pressure from a coalition of animal welfare groups, which had asked supporters to write to their MEPs. The high level of MEP support echoes the widespread condemnation of the annual Canadian seal slaughter. Campaigners are eagerly awaiting action by the European Commission following the Written Declaration.

The Boycott Canada website has information for contacting supermarkets in the UK to urge them to stop buying Canadian seafood and also urges campaigners to write to James Scott Peterson, Canada’s International Trade Minister and inform him you are choosing to boycott Canadian seafood products until the commercial seal hunt is ended for good.

See or telephone 0115 952 5440 for updates. Direct your letters to: The Honourable James Scott Peterson, Minister, c/o Canadian High Commission, 1 Grosvenor Square, London, W1K 4AB.



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