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Boycott News from Issue 106 May/June 2007



A Burmese/Indian NGO called the 'SHWE Gas Movement' (SGM) has called for a boycott of the Daewoo International Corporation over its involvement in the development of gas fields off the coast of Arakan State in Western Burma.

Daewoo's Media & Electronics Division produces DVD players, TVs, MP3 players, audio systems, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators microwaves, computer and telecoms equipment.

The gas fields were discovered in December 2003 and offer the largest gas yields in Southeast Asia. In June 2006 Daewoo International announced that its fields would deliver a hundred million cubic feet of gas a day. Developed in cooperation with Burma's junta, the "Shwe" (the Burmese word for gold) fields are destined to become the military government's largest single source of foreign income.

 According to conservative estimates, the regime could earn US$12-17 billion over 20 years, increasing the junta's income by 150%. According to campaigners, the Shwe project will directly lead to human rights abuses, including forced labor, land confiscation, displacement, and other state-sanctioned violence.

On March 26th the SGM called an international day of action, 'No More Guns for Gas,' in protest against South Korean and Indian support for the project. Protests were held outside South Korean and Indian embassies worldwide. India and China have signed agreements with the junta to buy gas from the project, and Thailand has also expressed interest.

The SGM calls on the governments and corporations involved to halt the project until there is assurance that the people of Burma can participate in and benefit from the project. Nobel Laureate and winner of Burma's 1990 elections, Aung San Suu Kyi, has said: "Until we have a system that guarantees the rule of law and basic democratic institutions, no amount of aid or investment will benefit our people."

SGM was started in late 2002 by the All Arakan Students' and Youths' Congress with the support of Arakan resistance leaders and grassroots communities. Daewoo International Corporation is a separate company from Daewoo Auto, which produces cars.


Further information, formatted protest letters and campaign materials are available from email:

Protest letters can be sent to Mr. Lee Tae-Yong , President and CEO, Daewoo International, 541, 5-Ga, Namdaemunno, Chung-gu, Seoul, South Korea, C.P Box 2810, Seoul, Korea Tel. 82+2+759-2114 Fax. 82+2-753-9489

A detailed report on the Shwe project can be downloaded at tel 001-202-466-5188



Campaign Against the Fur Trade Update

Due to the success of campaigns by anti-fur groups, the farming of animals 'solely or primarily for their fur' has been banned in the UK since 2003. However imported fur continues to be sold in shops in the UK. The only department store that still sells fur is Harrods, the subject of weekly protests since October 2005.

According to the Campaign Against the Fur Trade (CAFT) the fashion chain Kurt Geiger is selling boots made from skinned rabbits in outlets throughout the UK. The company has tried to justify this behaviour by claiming that the fur is a waste product of the meat industry. According to CAFT this claim is cannot be true.

Rabbits are normally killed for the meat trade at around 12 weeks, well before rabbit fur is thick enough, which takes at least the eight months. Several other fashion stores previously made similar claims but have now adopted fur free policies. CAFT aim to hold weekly protests at each of Kurt Geiger's ten "stand alone" stores.

An International Day of Action was held on 24th September 2006 against fashion store Joseph. Protests were held in Dublin, Paris, Cannes, New York, Tokyo and at all of the company's 11 London stores. Joseph shops sell coats and other products made from animal fur.

CAFT will continue organising protests against Joseph's fur policy throughout the year.

For campaign materials and to get involved contact CAFT, PO Box 38, Manchester, M60 1NX Email: Tel: 0845 330 7955



Boycott Tesco over sale of live turtles

Care for the Wild International (CWI) have called for a boycott of Tesco over the sale of live turtles, tortoises and frogs in their Chinese stores.

CWI presented Tesco with evidence of animal welfare issues over the trade before calling for a boycott after Tesco refused to stop stocking the animals. China currently has no animal welfare laws.

CWI is an animal welfare and conservation charity that funds practical projects around the world Tel. 01306 627900



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