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Boycott News from Issue 108 Sept/Oct 2007



Ethical Consumer calls for boycott of climate criminals

With climate change climbing the political agenda, some corporations are still funding campaigns to confuse the public and policy makers.


To coincide with Live Earth we called for a boycott of three of the worst climate criminals.


Esso petrol

Exxon-Mobil, the company behind Esso, is the only major oil company still funding groups that wrongly claim the causes of global warming are still uncertain. The company also fails to invest anything in renewable energy technologies.

Exxon has donated millions to climate change denying think tanks the International Policy Network and the Centre for the New Europe. See issue 105 for our petrol companies report.


Nouvelle recycled toilet paper

You might be surprised to see a recycled toilet tissue brand in the list. But the company that owns it also makes toilet tissue from virgin forests, was the main US importer of wood from Indonesia and came bottom in a recent World Wildlife Fund comparison of toilet tissue companies.

Brand owners Koch Industries, has been part of a team advising Bush on “conservative environmentalism,” or in short, deregulation. This agenda led to Bush statements that logging was good for forests and that dams were good for salmon. See our toilet roll report in issue 107 for alternatives.


Miller lager

Altria (previously Philip Morris) has also funded groups which claim that global warming is a "myth" or “uneconomic” to address. Altria has a substantial shareholding in SABMiller, which also owns Appletiser, Peroni Nastro Azzuro and Pilsner Urquell.

For alternative mainstream brands, the highest ethiscores go to Budvar and Grolsch.    


Tell the climate criminals why you’re supporting Ethical Consumer’s boycott by email:


Miller (Altria):

Nouvelle (Koch Industries):  



Kraft Foods splits from Altria

In a victory for campaign groups Kraft Foods has split from parent company Altria. The move was originally proposed by the Interfaith Centre on Corporate Responsibility and was supported by a substantial number of Kraft shareholders.


Altria is subject to a boycott call from Ethical Consumer’s Boycott Bush campaign. The consumer campaign to boycott Bush’s biggest funders was set up in 2001 following Bush’s rejection of the Kyoto Agreement.

Altria has been President Bush’s most generous donor. Kraft brands such as Toblerone, Dairylea, Philadelphia and Kenco are now off the boycott list.



Procter and Gamble

Procter and Gamble (P&G) has been the subject of a long running boycott call from the Uncaged Campaign due to the corporation’s massive use of animal testing.


In 2001 Uncaged hit the headlines after exposing horrific accounts of cats and dogs killed in experiments for pet food subsidiary IAMS/Eukanuba. P&G tests on animals in order to get new chemical ingredients onto the market. Novel ingredients enable the marketing claims of “new” and “improved” cosmetic and cleaning products.

According to the Uncaged Campaign, despite P&G's claims to being committed to eliminating animal experiments ("We wish we could totally eliminate animal testing today but we cannot..."), P&G, motivated by the desire to exploit new nano-techology ingredients, is pushing for a massive new animal testing programme.

P&G is involved in genetically engineering mice to be more vulnerable to asthma and lung damage, to create new ways of testing ingredients for use in products such as laundry liquids, household cleaners, personal care products and cosmetics.

A leaked memo revealed that P&G has been lobbying behind the scenes to stop a ban on animal testing for cosmetics within the European Union.

P&G’s brands include household names such as Ariel, Daz, Camay, Fairy, Gillette, Max Factor, Olay, Pantene Pro-V, Pringles, Herbal Essences and Head & Shoulders.

This May saw the largest ever global Boycott P&G Day, with 45 events in cities from Sydney to Stockholm. In the UK alone, over a quarter of a million people have signed a pledge to boycott P&G.

For a full list of P&G’s brands, campaign resources and how to get involved see the Boycott P&G website or contact Uncaged Campaigns, 9 Bailey Lane, Sheffield S1 4EG, United Kingdom Tel: 0114 272 2220

Ethical Consumer gives a ‘Best Rating’ for animal testing policy to companies that operate a “fixed cut-off date”. This means not using any ingredients tested on animals after a fixed date.

Every company that applies a “fixed cut off date” policy reduces the market for ingredients that continue to be tested on animals.




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