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Boycott News from Issue 110 Jan/Feb 2008



Burma Update

The EU has responded to reent events in Burma with a ban on imports of gems, timber and metals, and a ban on investment in these sectors.

The Burma Campaign UK has called for a ban on all investment, on insurance companies providing cover to the regime, and sanctions on banking transactions.

Companies which have responded by cutting all ties with the Burmese regime include: Rolls Royce, Adidas, Pepsico, Levi Strauss, Erickson, Apple and Reebok.

Other companies seeking to divest, such as British American Tobacco and Premier Oil have been unable to find buyers because the business environment in the country is so corrupt and unstable.

None of the top 10 UK clothes retailers source in Burma, however a number of retailers including Harrods, Liberty and Mambo refuse to say whether they source from Burma.

For more Information see Burma Campaign UK. They maintains 'dirty' list of companies funding or involved with the regime. There is also a faceebook group created to help you show solidarity with the country's pro-democracy movement and political prsioners.





The only US company that still has significant presence in Burma, backing the junta with millions of dollars in revenues.

Oil Change International has called for ChevronTexaco to place all royalties in escrow on behalf of the legitimate government, or to withdraw completely.

You can email David O'Reilly, CEO via the Oil Change International website.


Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) controls 8.25% of the Bank of China, the key backer of Chinese oil companies propping up the military regime.

RBS is not a silent partner in the relationship. Through it stake, CEO Fred Goodwin is a director on Bank of China's board, and RBS receives a substantial proportion of BoC's profits, which were $5.5bn in 2006.

For more info see



Total (which owns Elf and Fina) ha sbeen described by Burmese democrat Aung San Suu Kyi as Europe's number one financial supporter of the military junta.


Daewoo International

Daewoo are involved in developing massive gas fields destined to become the regime's main source of income

Campaign materials are available from


Hutchison Whampoa

Owners of Superdrug and majority shareholders in the '3' mobile network, the comapny has strong connections with the Chinese government and shipping operations in Burma

Let owner Li Ka-shing know what you think by email:




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