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Boycott News from Issue 112 May/June 2008



Please sir, can I have some more... time?

In February, the baby food industry challenged the UK Infant Formula and Follow-on Formula Regulations 2007 in the High Court.

The regulations stipulated new European rules on the claims that manufacturers could make. Incredibly, the court gave them an extra 2 years to comply, despite the fact that the regulations were due to come in to force on January 11 2008.

Companies will have to comply with all other parts of the regulations immediately.
Campaign group Baby Milk Action presented evidence to the court suggesting that as labels on the market are non-compliant with the 1995 version of the Regulations and companies have already been warned by Trading Standards they must change these labels, it would have made far more sense to ask them to comply directly with the 2007 Regulations.

Now that the ruling has been made, Baby Milk Action is calling for Trading Standards to act to take illegal labels off the market.

Both 1995 and 2007 Regulations only allow a limited range of claims on labels. Many of those currently in use are not on the list, including:


Prebiotics and Prebiotic care

New improved protein balance

Easily digested

Both the 1995 and 2007 Regulations also prohibit idealizing text and images from labels. Trading Standards have already warned various companies they must change their labels to comply.

For more info visit: or call: 01223 464420



The Sweet Taste of Success!


Booktrust Can’t Trust Nestlé

It has been announced by the Book Trust that Nestlé are no longer sponsoring the Children’s Book Prize. According to it’s website “Booktrust has been reviewing the organisation’s priorities and how prizes and awards fit in with its strategic objectives.”

This news came after children’s author, Sean Taylor, who was Gold winner of the Under-5 category last year for his book When a Monster is Born, refused to accept the prize money.

In an open letter Mr. Taylor indicated that he would not accept the prize money for the prize which is sponsored by Nestlé. He commented:

“Being on the short list for the 2007 Nestlé Children’s book Prize is a significant honour for me, especially since so many children around the country have been involved in choosing the winning books.

And I am delighted to accept the award offered to me.  However, because of questions surrounding Nestlé’s marketing of breast-milk substitutes, I do not feel able to accept the prize money.”


Please visit the Baby Milk Action website for more info: or call: 01223 464420



Winning the Bluefin Battle


WWF praises European supermarkets who have stopped selling bluefin tuna

The environmental group WWF has called on supermarket chains around the world to take bluefin tuna off their shelves, saying overfishing, driven by the craze for sushi, threatened to wipe out the species.

The French supermarket giant Auchan, as well as the Italian subsidiaries of Coop and Carrefour, have already stopped selling bluefin.

Before retailers started taking matters into their own hands, WWF had suggested to the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) meeting in November that contracting countries agree on a 3-year ban on bluefin tuna fishing, but this move was rejected.

“WWF applauds Auchan in France, Carrefour in Italy, Coop in both Italy and Switzerland, and ICA in Norway for their courageous decisions to stop selling Mediterranean bluefin tuna – and we urge other retailers to follow suit,” says Dr Sergi Tudela, Head of Fisheries at WWF Mediterranean.

France’s Auchan group, with a nearly 14 per cent share of the retail fish trade, declared its boycott on 28 December 2007, noting that scientists had advised a 15,000 tonne ceiling on annual catches, while the international tuna management body was allowing a 2008 quota of 29,500 tonnes.

To join the campaign and encourage UK supermarkets on board visit or call 01483 426333



Shell Wildlife Destroyer of the Year

After 2 years of campaigning against Shell’s sponsorship of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award, environmental campaigners celebrated another success.

Shell’s sponsorship of the prestigious wildlife competition and award was criticised as being greenwash, given the oil giant’s appalling environmental record. The museum confirmed on 26 January that Shell will play no further part in the competition’s sponsorship.

Nearly 5,000 letters and emails were sent by Friends of the Earth supporters to Michael Dixon, the director of the Natural History Museum, calling on him not to renew the sponsorship deal.





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