issue 148

Boycott news from Ethical Consumer magazine issue 148 May/June 2014.



Boycott poster exhibition

A new boycott exhibition is currently touring the US


The show contains over 50 boycott campaign posters from the last 70 years. Entitled the ‘Art of Economic Activism’ the show aims to highlight the importance and impact of boycotting as a campaign tool. 

Here is a selection of posters that are appearing as part of the exhibition.




Whose Side Are You On?


Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Chile.Mid-1970s. South Burnaby, B.C., Canada.






Boycott Israel, Free Palestine

Zan Studio. Courtesy of Dan Walsh and The Palestine Poster Project. 2005. Palestine. 






This Is Apartheid Don’t Buy It 

GAL, International Confederation of Free Trade Unions.Circa 1986. London, UK.






Boycott Nestlé 

Rachael Romero, San Francisco Poster Brigade, Third World Institute Infant Formula Action, Coalition (INFACT). 1978. San Francisco, CA.






Boycott Grapes 

Xavier Viramontes. 1973. San Francisco, CA.