Academic Research

In this section of our website we are beginning to gather a reading list of academic texts specifically addressing ethical consumption or ethical consumer behaviour generally. 

Click on the links below to be taken to an page with abstracts and references to books, chapters and journal articles.

If you think we are missing key texts from our list or would like to comment on them please make a post on our Academic Research Forum.  We began this project in Ocotber 2010 and hope very much that it will become a collaborative exercise with our users.


Consumers and the Environment


Consumer Boycotts


Consumer Ethics and Motivations


Consumers and Morality


Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Trade


General Texts on Ethical Consumerism


Political Consumerism


If you are releasing a paper you would like to feature or know of one that you think would be a good addition to the list then please let us know. 


Thanks to Lorraine Otieno and Dr Sarah Hall for their work on these web pages.