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Last updated: January 2017



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One of the primary causes of the growth of ethical consumer behaviour has been the globalisation of markets and the rise of 'unelected' multinational corporations. We believe this growth of corporate power needs to be addressed.

We report on corporate behaviour and shame the companies involved in dishonest and harmful practices.

Cartoon by Polyp, a long term contributor to Ethical Consumer magazine.


For-profit Corporations

Image: Corporations

Posing a Danger to Democracy?

Rob Harrison explains why for-profit corporations need to be consigned to the past if humanity is to have a future.

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The NFU Report

Image: NFU FB

An English Agribusiness Lobby Group

In the last 20 years the NFU has developed a reputation of having hardened into an anti-environmental, free-market lobby group. Ethical Consumer investigates. 

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Amazon Focus

Amazon and Tax: The Latest 

With Amazon's growth apparently unstoppable, are there any regulators out there trying to prevent its systematic tax avoidance from further distorting UK markets?

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Feature: Sky TV

We look inside Murdoch's Media Empire

Sky TV is funding the world's most powerful conservative lobby group. We uncover its pernicious influence across a wide range of contemporary political debates. 

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