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Last updated: November 2015



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One of the primary causes of the growth of ethical consumer behaviour has been the globalisation of markets and the rise of 'unelected' multinational corporations. We believe this growth of corporate power needs to be addressed.

We report on corporate behaviour and shame the companies involved in dishonest and harmful practices.

Cartoon by Polyp, a long term contributor to Ethical Consumer magazine.


Amazon Focus

Amazon and Tax: The Latest 

In May, Amazon declared that it would no longer book its EU sales in Luxembourg. Some tax campaigners declared victory, however, we counselled caution and here is why...

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Feature: Sky TV

We look inside Murdoch's Media Empire

Sky TV is funding the world's most powerful conservative lobby group. We uncover its pernicious influence across a wide range of contemporary political debates. 

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Consumer Campaigns

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Fair Tax Mark

The Fair Tax Mark brings responsible businesses and ethical consumers together. So far, ten companies have been awarded the Mark. Individuals can now sign the Fair Tax Pledge.

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