Bees and Bayer's Royal Warrant


Neonicatoid producer Bayer is a holder of the Queen's personal Royal Warrant.


This does not sit comfortably with mounting scientific evidence that Bayer's products are endangering the future not only of the Queen's own bees but those in the rest of the UK.

Ethical Consumer is calling on the Queen to strip Bayer of its Royal Warrant following mounting international concerns that neonicatoid insecticides are posing a serious risk to bees and other pollinators.



Tweet for the Bees!


Tweet the Queen asking her to withdraw Bayer's Royal Warrant.

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Hi @BritishMonarchy Please revoke @Bayer's Royal Warrant now, over concerns of declining numbers of honey bees #neonics @EC_Magazine



Honey Bee


The Royal Warrant


Companies can apply for a Royal Warrant after they have supplied the Households of HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales with goods or services for at least five years out of seven. Bayer carries the Queen's personal Royal Warrant as a supplier of agricultural chemicals.

At the same time the Queen has been keeping bees at Buckingham Palace since 2009. A two-part documentary on Buckingham Palace's gardens, shown in December 2014, highlighted how important natural ecology is to the royal household.





Europe's honey bees are now facing a well-publicised crisis with up to 35% of honey bee colonies having been lost since 1985.  This loss is being blamed on a lethal combination of habitat loss and the widespread use of neonicotinoid pesticides, including those produced by Bayer.

The UK Government has recently approved the limited use of Bayer's neonicotinoid pesticides on oil rape seed despite widespread public opposition. Bayer is now at the centre of a growing international environmental campaign against the use of its neonicotinoid insecticides which many believe are contributing towards the current bee crisis.

Neonicotinoid pesticides are made by two companies Bayer and Syngenta and only Bayer carries the Royal Warrant. Ethical Consumer has published an in-depth analysis of how consumers can take action against both Bayer and Sygenta.

Read more on Bayer, Sygenta and neonicatoids in part of our special report on honey.



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