Ethical Sceptic


Simon Birch gets personal with some topical issues. 



A class apart

What’s the impact of the UK’s notorious class system on the environment movement?

From Ethical Consumer issue 109, November/December 2007



Alan Sugar - the ethical Apprentice

The UK’s best known businessman still has a lot to learn about the business of ethics.

From Ethical Consumer, issue 108, September/October 2007



An Environment For All

Why should it matter if the new FOE boss is another white bloke?

From Ethical Consumer issue 113, July/August 2008



Buy-to-let ethics?

What are the real costs of the recent trend for buy-to-let investments?

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 101, July/August 2006



Can pop save the planet?

Does a pop concert have the potential to stop climate change?

From Ethical Consumer Issue 106, May/June 2007


Climate meltdown

With the battle against climate change looking increasingly hopeless, especially in the face of the booming economies of China and India, why should we bother trying to stop the inevitable?

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 100, May/June 2006


Co-ops are United
The Co-op movement has just staged its own international jamboree. Simon Birch reports.

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 140, January/Februarye 2013



Co-operatives are alive and kicking

Far from being knocked out by the crisis at the Co-op Group, the UK’s co-ops are fighting fit

From Ethical Consumer, issue 149, July/August 2014



Ethical Trading Initiative - a toothless talking shop?

It was launched to stamp out sweatshops but has the Ethical Trading Initiative made any difference?

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 104, Jan/Feb 2007


Carbon Counting

Is carbon labelling a good thing, and will it help in the battle against climate change?

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 112, May/June 2008



Children - is it ok to have them?

How far are you prepared to go to do your bit for the planet? By having one child you’re automatically doubling your environmental impact.

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 102, September/October 2006


Flying - cleared for take-off?

Should we challenge the accepted environmental orthodoxy that all flying is bad?

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 110, January/February 2008


Green Award Greenwash

Is there more to environmental awards than an exercise in greenwash?

From Ethical Consumer issue 137, July/August 2012



Is Africa always bad news?

Why does the media focus on reporting bad news from Africa and what impact does it have? asks Simon Birch

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 118, May/June 2009


Is green always good

If we simply swap our old brands for their ethical alternative and go for Traidcraft rather than Tesco, is this the end of this story, problem solved for a whole range of environmental issues?

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 103, November/December 2006


Marks & Spencer go green

What should the ethically aware shopper make of M&S’s groundbreaking environmental initiative?

From Ethical Consumer issue 107, July/August 2007



A Redd Herring?

Will the UN’s latest initiative to save rainforests really work? Simon Birch looks to environmental groups for an answer

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 117, March/April 2009


Sleeping with the enemy?

With growing numbers of companies wanting to get a slice of the ever increasing ethical market, how does the environmental movement avoid being ripped off?

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 111, March/April 2008



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