Facts v Greenwash

Charities in the ethical spotlight

Comparing how ethical the 21 main UK charities are.

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 146, Jan/Feb 2014



A match made in heaven or a deal with the devil?

Ruth Rosselson investigates the ethical issues that arise when charities seek partnerships with businesses.

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 135, January/February 2012



Corporate Social Responsibility

In November 2006 the Oxford-based campaign group Corporate Watch published an important critique of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This short feature has been extracted, with permission, from the report.

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 104, January/February 2007



Codex Alimentarius Exopsed

It sounds like something straight out of a conspiracy theory – the shadowy Codex Alimentarius Commission has been quietly making decisions about the food we eat for decades. With obesity and malnutrition reaching record highs in the UK, Leonie Nimmo asks whose interests they have really been protecting.


Ethical takeovers - swallowed up?

With The Body Shop’s acquisition by L’Oréal, the rate of takeovers of smaller ethical companies by multinational corporations is increasing. Ethical Consumer magazine asks whether we should be alarmed or jubilant.

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 101, July/August 2006



Gold Standards

The gold mining industry’s response to a growing reputation problem has been corporate social responsibility (CSR). John Childs travelled to Ghana to investigate the reality behind the CSR rhetoric.

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 118, May/June 2009



Greenwash - Can we kill greenwash before it kills us?

Dan Welch looks at the tremendous amounts of money spent by companies to green up their image, but finds it doesn't always wash... 

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 113, July/August 2008



Green Marketing

To many in the ethical consumption movement, marketing is a dark art synonymous with greenwash. So what to make of a marketing guru who wants to use “green marketing” as a Trojan horse, smuggling ethics and green lifestyles into the citadel of consumer society?

From Ethical Consumer, Issue 122, January/February 2010