Animal Rights

In depth analysis of the issues surrounding animal rights and the ethical market

From vegetarianism to veganism to the Lush Prize for alternatives to animal testing read all about the issues that affect animal welfare.

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In depth analysis of the issues surrounding consumerism and the ethical market

Consumerism is all pervasive in our society, in this section we discuss some of the issues around ethics and consumerism.

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Corporate Watch

Revealing the truth behind the corporate image

A selection of our most recent corporate watch articles focusing on the companies that commit some of the worst acts against society, animals and the environment

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There is more to economics than just big banks and unfetered capitalism

Discover more about alternative financial structures and the problems asscociated with the current financial system.

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Environmental features from Ethical Consumer

From palm oil production to illegal logging a selection of articles dealing with issues that effect the climate and the wider environment.

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Facts vs Greenwash

Exposing the truth behind corporate PR

Companies spend millions on marketing and advertising that masks their true social and environmental costs. We peek behind the paper thin mask of misinformation

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Fair Trade

From workers rights to fair pricing

Discover more about how trading differently can change the world.

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Human Rights

High on the world agenda but so often lacking

Established in 1948 human rights are now the cornerstone of western civilisation but they are often shunned by corporates and governments alike. The impact of this is embedded into many of the things we buy.

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Ethical Sceptic

Thoughts from long-time environmental writer and campaigner Simon Birch

An Ethical Consumer collaborator for 20 years Simon Birch provides a frontline view on everything from ethical travel to fairtrade.

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Ethical made easy

Detailed ethical ratings for over 40,000 companies, brands and products, plus Ethical Consumer magazine.

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