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Palm oil free Easter eggs

04 April 2017 15:29

New research from Ethical Consumer has found four Easter egg brands that don’t use the controversial ingredient palm oil in their products.

The four brands are: 

  • Booja Booja
  • Cocoa Loco
  • Montezuma
  • Divine




A further two ethical brands, Plamil and Traidcraft, use palm oil but still score a best Ethical Consumer rating for palm oil as they use either organic or other certified palm oil. Traidcraft is particularly interesting as it has developed FairPalm, its own fairly traded palm oil from West Africa. Plamil’s palm oil is all certified organic, which gives a further degree of assurance on top of Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil certification. 

All the brands mentioned above are Ethical Consumer Best Buys in our guide to chocolate eggs.

A further 8 companies that we looked at scored either a middle rating or a worst rating. (See below for more)



Why we rate companies on palm oil 

We rate companies for palm oil use because of its association with massive deforestation, as well as human rights abuses, in Indonesia and Malaysia where over 80% of production takes place. 

Issues in this market persist despite the foundation of a palm oil certification scheme  to try and improve environmental and social standards in the industry (called the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil – RSPO) Sadly this has been criticised for being far too weak. 



How we rate companies on palm oil

In our rating system, to get a best rating companies need to either not use palm oil at all, or they need to go “beyond the RSPO”, meaning that their palm products are certified and they have something extra as well, such as involvement in positive initiatives or organic certification.  If a company’s uses uncertified palm oil, it gets a worst rating. Those who fall between these two get a middle rating. 


How the companies score on palm oil

Below we show  which Easter egg companies are palm oil free, which are using palm oil in a positive way- helping to support more sustainable production- and which score our worst rating. 

Palm oil free:

  • Booja Booja
  • Cocoa Loco
  • Montezuma
  • Divine


Best Ethical Consumer rating:

  • Plamil
  • Tradicraft


Middle Ethical Consumer rating:

  • Thorntons
  • Lindt
  • Co-op
  • Mars
  • Cadbury


Worst Ethical Consumer rating:

  • Moo free
  • Hotel Chocolat
  • Nestle











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Palm oil free Easter eggs

04 April 2017 15:29

Four ethical Easter egg brands that are palm oil free

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11 May 2016 11:18

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05 May 2016 09:39

Company opts for Rainforest Alliance accredited produce

Mitsubishi cheating tests since 1991

26 April 2016 14:16

Over 25 years of false results

John West tuna linked to destructive fishing device

25 April 2016 15:16

Supplier found using indiscriminate fishing methods 

Behind the Brands Campaign

21 April 2016 13:08

Oxfam rates the farming policies of the big ten food companies

UK companies criticised over workers' rights in Qatar

18 April 2016 10:41

Concerns raised over actions of gulf state subsidiaries 

Co-op Bank CEO £4m pay award

01 April 2016 14:44

Excessive pay despite mounting losses 

Great Western Railway advert banned

31 March 2016 13:49

Company sanctioned over misleading claim 

Wendy's Boycott

30 March 2016 10:48

Campaign launched against fast food giant

New campaign demands HSBC to quit coal

24 March 2016 10:57

HSBC is biggest investor in coal out of the five big banks

Lidl accused of paying low wages to garment workers

15 March 2016 13:56

The true cost of cheap jeans

Morrisons and Amazon announce deal

10 March 2016 12:59

Supermarket to sell food on Amazon site 

Amazon workers aim to unionise

09 March 2016 15:58

Campaigners launch new website 

Companies failing the rainforest

07 March 2016 15:08

New report slams corporates over palm oil sourcing 

Airbnb under fire for listing properties in occupied territories

29 February 2016 10:57

Sign the petition to stop Airbnb profiting from illegal settlements

Oil spill in Peruvian Amazon

25 February 2016 12:40

Crude oil spills into Amazonian region from Petroperu pipeline

Johnson and Johnson sued over cancer death

24 February 2016 14:41

Judge rules company responsible for death linked to talcum powder 

Asda removes food bank collection points

19 February 2016 11:19

Asda's company policy changes across UK without notice

Ikea accused of European-wide tax dodge

17 February 2016 16:21

New research from the Green Party reveals extent of avoidance

Disney subsidiary to be prosecuted over worker injury

11 February 2016 15:51

Star Wars makers in court over broken leg

Starbucks lose discrimination case

10 February 2016 15:13

Starbucks fail to make reasonable adjustments for dyslexic employee 

Fairphone begins sourcing Fairtrade gold

09 February 2016 12:26

Announcement marks breakthrough in electronics industry

GE receives taxpayer subsidies while resisting toxic cleanup

05 February 2016 11:29

Company spends millions on lobbying while delaying restoration work 

Monsanto covertly funding pro-GM campaigns

02 February 2016 10:12

Company accused of paying academics for positive coverage

Government met with Google 25 times before tax deal

29 January 2016 08:42

Daily Mirror investigation reveals extent of Google lobbying


Tesco breaches supermarket code

26 January 2016 14:19

Company delays payments and makes deductions 

Google deal on tax "derisory"

25 January 2016 15:41

Company pays 3% of what it is said to owe 

Richest corporations fail on supply chain management

21 January 2016 15:43

Companies not doing enough to ensure worker safety and human rights despite soaring profits

Electronics giants linked to cobalt mined by children

19 January 2016 15:27

New Amnesty report finds labour rights issues in supply chain

Oil giants spend billions on lobbying in California

15 January 2016 12:05

Environmental legislation challenged by companies 

Renault factories raided by police

14 January 2016 13:39

Fraud investigators check emissions monitoring equipment 

Amazon sanctioned by US Labour Department

13 January 2016 11:57

Federal government issues fine 

McDonald's receives formal complaint

12 January 2016 14:22

Fast food giant accused of unfair contracts for franchisees

Change your shoes

07 January 2016 13:04

New campaign tackles working conditions in the shoe industry

Apple to pay out following tax fraud investigation

30 December 2015 12:02

Italian investigators say company failed to pay €318m

Toxic chemicals found in sanitary products

29 December 2015 14:21

Monsanto herbicide identified by study

Amazon and eBay sellers avoiding VAT

28 December 2015 12:27

Companies under investigation over outstanding bills 

Netflix accused of avoiding UK corporation tax

23 December 2015 08:33

Investigation finds sales booked in Luxembourg

German Amazon workers on strike

22 December 2015 11:07

Walk out over pay and conditions


Companies accused of deliberately starting fires

21 December 2015 10:08

Asia Pulp & Paper's supplier accused of burning peat lands

Misleading energy claims on lighting products

18 December 2015 14:13

Tests show that some light bulbs don't perform as stated 

Starbucks’ deforestation-free pledge is woefully inadequate, coalition says

17 December 2015 16:38

Stronger policy needed to protect forests, wildlife, public health and climate


Amazon sold illegal weapons

16 December 2015 16:12

Investigation finds company potentially breaking the law

Sports Direct accused of “effectively” paying below minimum wages

10 December 2015 10:26

Guardian investigation finds temporary staff are searched daily 

Cadbury's owner paid no corporation tax in 2014

09 December 2015 14:10

Mondelez avoids tax despite £96.5m profit

Toy manufacturers found mistreating workers

30 November 2015 13:39

Undercover investigation reveals abuses in supply chain

Labour Boycott G4S

26 November 2015 09:51

Party cites human rights issues

Co-op Bank closes campaigners accounts

25 November 2015 16:20

Bank faces legal action for alleged discrimination

Boycott of Ben & Jerry's called

18 November 2015 13:06

Campaign claims mismatch between policy and practice

Veolia withdraws from Israel

17 November 2015 15:26

Company ends links with controversial project

Barclays divest from Israeli arms company

16 November 2015 13:56


Bank no longer holds shares in Elbit Systems

RBS slammed for investment in nuclear weapons

12 November 2015 12:28

New 'Banking on the Bomb' report

APL settles over failure to deliver on contract

02 November 2015 14:52

Shipping company do not admit liability

Problems persist in Apple supply chain

30 October 2015 15:39

Re-investigation of factory shows poor working conditions 

Bacardi target of campaign over working conditions

29 October 2015 15:28

Sugarcane workers dying from kidney disease

Amazon face court action over courier's pay

28 October 2015 11:45

Web giant sued for back pay and expenses

Apple accused of hoarding profits and harming the real economy

27 October 2015 15:24

Researchers say the company has the resources to develop economies

Monsoon tops list of wage law breakers

26 October 2015 11:37

Company fails to pay minimum wage

SeaWorld banned from breeding orcas

23 October 2015 11:06

Ruling hailed as victory for animal rights

New palm oil plantation destroys local livelihoods

22 October 2015 13:38

Luxembourg-based company faces protests over land grab

Morrisons criticised for sale of kangaroo meat

20 October 2015 09:09

Supermarket targeted by campaigners

Museum protest over BP human rights record

19 October 2015 12:57

Campaigners target oil giant over murder and abduction allegations

Syngenta's unauthorised GM traits get past European regulatory system

16 October 2015 12:58

Authorisation process needs overhaul, say European Greens

Employment tribunal rules against Sports Direct

13 October 2015 09:53

Former workers awarded compensation

Facebook paid under £5000 in UK corporation tax in 2014

12 October 2015 10:20

Company records overall loss in UK of £28.5m

AstraZeneca accused of tax avoidance

09 October 2015 09:41

Company pays no UK corporation tax in 2014 after structure change

John West failing the oceans

08 October 2015 11:36

Company not living up to sourcing commitments

Mars and Nestlé rocked by slave labour allegations

05 October 2015 09:30

Pet food brands using suppliers caught in Thai fishing scandal

Workers sue Monsanto claiming herbicide caused cancer

02 October 2015 12:15

Two cases could just be the start

Mulberry accused of failing workers

24 September 2015 10:52

Handbag brand slammed for worker exploitation at Turkish factory 

Biggest climate change polluters identified

23 September 2015 12:50

65% of industrial CO2 emissions produced by just 50 companies

Volkswagen accused of cheating emissions tests

22 September 2015 14:15

Company designed device to deceive tests

Monsanto herbicide listed as "known to cause cancer"

21 September 2015 11:33

California Environmental Protection Agency proposes new labelling

Lidl to pay Living Wage

18 September 2015 09:52

First UK supermarket to pay higher rate

Top tea brands exposed

09 September 2015 14:08

Investigation reveals serious workers' and human rights issues

Airport VAT scam

26 August 2015 09:38

World Duty Free Ltd criticised over pricing

Danone, Nestlé and Yakult accused of cruel animal experimentation

25 August 2015 13:35

Cruelty Free International releases new research

HESTA divests from Transfield Services

24 August 2015 14:52

Company cites detention centre abuses

Starbucks urged to go deforestation free

20 August 2015 10:24

Sum of Us launch palm oil campaign  

UK energy company to drill for oil in Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara

19 August 2015 10:46

"Stop supporting brutal occupation" say protesters

Unilever promises to clear up toxic mess

13 August 2015 08:17

But fails to compensate victims of mercury poisoning

Unilever's toxic mercury spill in India

06 August 2015 13:27

Calls to compensate victims and clean up mess

Fiat Chrysler given record fine

27 July 2015 11:51

Company must pay £67.6m over recall failures  

CitySprint accused of tax avoidance

16 July 2015 14:06

Courier company under fire over tax haven loans 

Coca-Cola accused of misleading health claims

14 July 2015 13:20

Coke claims diet drinks fight obesity

Iceland to start selling red grouse

10 July 2015 10:10

Link to illegal persecution of birds of prey

Worker loses hands making TVs for LG

08 July 2015 15:25

Campaigners demand compensation and enforcement of labour protection

EE fined by communications regulator

06 July 2015 09:48

Company said to have mislead consumers 

ILO demands Qatar Airways change discriminatory contracts

26 June 2015 13:23

Clause breaches ILO convention against discrimination at work 

Amazon's UK tax bill revealed

25 June 2015 15:51

Internet giant paid just £11.9m in 2014

Mining company Paladin reduces Malawi tax bill by $43m

19 June 2015 12:09

Tax breaks allows company to avoid paying taxes in world’s poorest country

Drug giant Pfizer buying antibiotics from dangerous factories

12 June 2015 11:25

Report exposes big pharma’s murky supply chain

YSL advert banned for using unhealthily underweight model

03 June 2015 10:33

Advertising Standards Agency considered ad to be irresponsible

Lawsuit brought against Yahoo

01 June 2015 15:07

Judge rules in favour of privacy class action lawsuit against Yahoo over emails

Anderson accused of promoting tax avoidance

29 May 2015 14:51

Company hit by BBC sting operation

Five of world's biggest banks fined $5.7 billion

22 May 2015 13:07

Fined for manipulating foreign exchange rates

Next loses battle with HMRC over tax avoidance scheme

20 May 2015 12:35

Next used “artificial steps” to inflate value of tax relief

Copenhagen council staff boycott Ryanair

19 May 2015 08:44

Mayor accuses company of paying poor salaries

Pizza Hut franchisee and unsustainable palm oil

18 May 2015 13:25

Campaigners urge food giant to follow through on commitments

Zara Brasil labour rights violations found

13 May 2015 09:32

New report accuses company of not monitoring its supply chain effectively

US food companies' water management policies rated

11 May 2015 14:49

Ceres looks at how the food industry is managing global water risks

Company charged over worker death

01 May 2015 13:09

Safety breaches lead to man being cooked in giant oven

Vacuuming Antartica for krill

30 April 2015 13:16

Sainsbury's, ASDA, Tesco and Boots implicated

Shell lobbied against renewable energy targets

28 April 2015 11:35

Weak renewable targets for 2030 originated with Shell’s pitch for gas

Hugo Boss criticised over workers' rights

27 April 2015 12:54

Campaigners demand change in Turkish factories

Aldi and Lidl slammed over supply chain issues

24 April 2015 09:03

Low wages and poor conditions in prawn supply chain

Supermarkets accused over misleading pricing

23 April 2015 12:45

Which? launch legal challenge

Amnesty: UK government must investigate Rio Tinto for sanctions-busting in Burma

17 April 2015 18:09

Human rights abuses also alleged at controversial mine

Guardian Media Group divests from fossil fuel industry

10 April 2015 10:26

Divestment campaign continues to grow

Unilever takes top spot on Oxfam’s scorecard

02 April 2015 11:31

Oxfam publishes scorecard on food security and sustainability policies

Time Warner Inc. accused of cruelty to owls on studio tour

01 April 2015 13:33

Harry Potter fans complain of mistreatment of animals

Companies not paying minimum wage in UK

24 March 2015 16:14

Foot Locker and French Connection amongst those named

Concerns for workers' welfare at Cambodian suppliers

20 March 2015 12:45

Gap, Marks and Spencer, and Joe Fresh mentioned in new report

Stakeholder map lists businesses position on TTIP

19 March 2015 12:25

List revelaed under Freedom of Information Act

Health and safety complaints filed against McDonald's

17 March 2015 16:58

Pressure to work faster leading to injuries at work

Yoghurt companies fined over price fixing

13 March 2015 15:17

France fines country’s top six producers, including Nestle

Lidl supplier accused of violence towards workers

12 March 2015 14:52

Union representatives and Accord staff also intimidated

Inhumane conditions at detention facility

11 March 2015 15:24

New footage reveals serious issues as Harmondsworth

Subway investigated over sale of expired food

10 March 2015 10:19

Workers accused of swapping labels

Mother's Day disgrace

09 March 2015 15:00

Tell Iceland supermarkets to end the slaughter of kangaroo Mums


Santander agrees to end loans to forest destroyer

05 March 2015 11:25

Campaign victory takes just 18 days

More failings at Yarl's Wood immigration centre

04 March 2015 15:48

SERCO promises an independent review of its work at the centre

Goodyear fined over bribery

02 March 2015 14:28

Tyre company sanctioned over illicit payments

Coutts bank in tax probe

27 February 2015 12:28

RBS subsidiary probed by German government

Benetton delays paying into Rana Plaza fund

26 February 2015 15:45

Campaigners demand immediate payment of $5 million

Unhappy meal

25 February 2015 14:29

€1 billion in tax avoidance on the menu at McDonald's

ISA sugar mill linked to kidney disease

24 February 2015 14:39

Company denies link between disease and harsh working conditions

HSBC Swiss offices searched

20 February 2015 12:32

Inquiry into alleged money-laundering 

UK arms factory occupied

19 February 2015 15:08

Instro Precision Ltd occupied over link with 'Gaza’s misery' 

New animal welfare report released

17 February 2015 16:05

Signs of improvement amongst businesses

Santander financing forest destruction

12 February 2015 13:27

Tell them to stop lending money to forest destroyers

HSBC accused of helping clients dodge millions in tax

10 February 2015 13:44

Company turned blind eye to tax evaders

Tax dodging laid bare

02 February 2015 14:50

Mirror investigation outlines UK tax and profits of six corporations 

Two dead in LG factory accident

30 January 2015 11:58

Workers die of suffocation 

Apple announces record profits

29 January 2015 11:56

But campaigners call for clamp down on tax avoidance

Apple boss receives massive pay rise

26 January 2015 09:51

Tim Cook's pay now even more excessive 

McDonalds sued for discrimination

23 January 2015 12:01

Fast food giant in court for racial and sexual discrimination. 

Labour rights violations found in Uniqlo supply chain

22 January 2015 09:52

Researchers find long hours, low pay and unsafe conditions 

G4S investigated over Guantanamo Bay

20 January 2015 14:10

Company may have acted illegally in profiting from contract

EU rules against Amazon in Luxembourg

19 January 2015 12:30

Company accused of receiving state aid

Mass strike action at Indian factory

16 January 2015 11:08

Protests and sit-ins for the last month 

Companies named and shamed for not paying National Minimum Wage

15 January 2015 11:33

List includes H&M and Welcome Break

Campaigners target Doritos over palm oil

14 January 2015 11:53

Pepsico subsidiary slow on using sustainable palm oil 

Honda fined over reporting failure

12 January 2015 10:45

Car company to pay $70million

Shell settles out of court over Nigerian oil spills

09 January 2015 11:19

Fishermen to receive payouts of £2,000 each

Wal-mart destroys evidence in discrimination case

08 January 2015 11:57

Judge sanctions company

Electronics companies in forced labour claims

07 January 2015 10:32

Research reveals extent of indentured labour

Benetton fails to compensate Rana Plaza victims

19 December 2014 17:22
Benetton is the only international brand yet to contribute to the ILO fund.

Disney implicated in tax scandal

11 December 2014 15:20

New leaked documents appear to show tax avoidance through Luxembourg

Lobbying against transparency of food contamination

02 December 2014 09:18

Revolving door rules broken

Walmart workers plan wages protest

19 November 2014 15:17

Protests planned for Black Friday

Banks given £2 billion fine over manipulation of foreign exchange rates

12 November 2014 14:45

Regulator finds that banks put financial system at risk 

Hyundai and Kia violate US Clean Air Act

11 November 2014 14:33

Companies fined $100 million

BP implicated in kidnap

10 November 2014 15:27

Company sued over abduction of union leader in Colombia 

Procter & Gamble banned from Argentina

03 November 2014 12:22

Company accused of tax avoidance 

Nestle subsidiary charged with misleading consumers over baby milk claims

31 October 2014 14:19

Gerber brand likely to face court proceedings 

Amazon workers strike in Germany

30 October 2014 13:47

Distribution centres hit by latest round of industrial action

Tesco to face fraud investigation

29 October 2014 15:18

Serious Fraud Office is to launch a formal criminal investigation

Protesters occupy Airbus HQ over Israel link

24 October 2014 14:33

Company working with Israeli state owned arms manufacturer

Princes and John West target of Greenpeace campaign

23 October 2014 10:34

Companies continue to use irresponsible fishing methods

Big banks target of new Divest campaign

22 October 2014 12:33

Fossil fuel investments attacked by Move Your Money 

Palestinian students call boycott of Barclays

21 October 2014 13:46

Bank funding Israeli drone company

Boeing in overcharging dispute

17 October 2014 10:38

Company settles with US Navy

BP in court

16 October 2014 10:27

Company accused of negligence over Colombian pipeline leaks

Protests over Shell sponsorship of National Gallery

15 October 2014 11:26

Video: Campaigners’ theatrical intervention

Recognising corporate malpractice

14 October 2014 13:20

Companies nominated for 'Pinocchio award'

Lego end relationship with Shell

10 October 2014 11:24

Pressure from campaigners pays off 

Riverford Organics and fox hunting

09 October 2014 08:41

Fox hunting allowed on land used to supply box scheme

Amazon to face EU tax probe

07 October 2014 14:37

Company under investigation for Luxembourg deal 

AWE failing to manage nuclear waste

03 October 2014 14:23

Criticised over lack of safety personnel  

Fire Phone slammed for poor environmental performance

01 October 2014 13:18

Greenpeace questions Amazon’s transparency 

Apple believed to have received illegal state aid

30 September 2014 13:02

EU to investigate further 

More worker abuses uncovered in Apple supply chain

29 September 2014 14:23

Campaigners question company’s commitment to labour rights 

G4S subject of human rights complaint

25 September 2014 09:47

Serious abuse at detention centre

Tesco investigate financial misreporting

22 September 2014 13:43

Expected profits wildly overstated

Baku Games partners questioned

18 September 2014 12:58

Human rights groups pose some difficult questions

Apple supplier breaches code of conduct

15 September 2014 12:45

Company failed to act on previous report

Syngenta wants to increase usage limit for its bee-killing pesticides

12 September 2014 09:01

US government to decide by October 6th - act now

Burger King's tax avoidance merger

11 September 2014 14:39

Company to attempt an "inversion" 

iPhone 6 and new campaign launched today

09 September 2014 13:43

Tell Apple to reinstate fired iPhone 6 workers

BP ruled "grossly negligent" over spill

05 September 2014 14:48

Oil company faces higher fines over 2010 disaster

Microsoft's tax dodge

04 September 2014 14:50

Company reports show money held offshore

DuPont pays out over worker death

29 August 2014 09:47

Toxic leak and lax safety led to fatality 

Samsung supplier using child labour

28 August 2014 11:42

China Labor Watch find new labour rights violations

Protests over new opencast coal project

27 August 2014 12:06

Thousands take part in cross-border action

Coca Cola forced to abandon $25million dollar project

26 August 2014 15:32

Campaigners celebrate victory as bottling plant fails to gain licence  

UK bank fined in US

20 August 2014 11:38

Standard Charter fails to act on money laundering

Co-operative Group pressured to axe Amazon’s in-store lockers

19 August 2014 11:09

GMB union calls on members to pressure management  

Apple bans two dangerous substances

18 August 2014 13:59

Announcement given cautious welcome by campaigners

Child labour and forced labour found in Nestlé's cocoa supply chain

15 August 2014 14:43

Fair Labor Association publishes independent report

Hygiene failings at major British poultry supplier

14 August 2014 17:23

2 Sisters Food Group in breach of legislation

Guardian ad blames Hamas for Palestinian deaths

13 August 2014 15:00

Newspaper accused of pro-Israel bias

British mining company threatens livelihood of Europe's only indigenous people

12 August 2014 13:39

Beowulf iron ore mine opposed by Swedish Sami reindeer herders

iPhone 6 supplier sacks union leaders

07 August 2014 16:41

NXP Philippines workers were trying to negotiate better working conditions

InterContinental in Lhasa trouble

06 August 2014 13:43

Hotel chain fails to provide evidence of human rights due diligence.

Activists shut down Israeli drone weapons manufacturer

05 August 2014 16:24

Elbit factory near Birmingham occupied by London Palestine Action

Matalan pays up

31 July 2014 16:48

Company bowed to pressure and contributed to Rana Plaza compensation fund

BDS protesters shut down store selling Israeli cosmetics

30 July 2014 15:22

Campaigners target store in Manchester

Matalan fails Rana Plaza victims

29 July 2014 15:08

Campaigners shine the spotlight on retailer

Campaigners call for Adidas living wage

24 July 2014 13:41

Company making billions but paying poverty wages

Insurance and building firms subject of human rights complaint

23 July 2014 13:22

New Zealand residents wait four years for housing repairs 

Tullow Oil ordered to pay $407m tax bill

21 July 2014 15:29

Company denied sweetheart deal in Uganda

Amazon Web Services malware hosting on the rise

18 July 2014 10:04

Company struggling to control net nasties

UK “attractive” tax haven

16 July 2014 14:05

US Senate report names UK as tax haven

Thai company attempts to silence critics

15 July 2014 13:48

UK academic potentially facing jail time

Child labour at Samsung supplier

14 July 2014 13:46

Company acts after campaign group revelations 

Nando's using tax havens

11 July 2014 10:57

Elaborate offshore web of companies belonging to the family behind the Nando's used to avoid tax

Bakers refuse order from gay couple

10 July 2014 14:49

 Firm could be taken to court over discrimination

Companies shirking supply chain responsibilities

09 July 2014 13:37

Ten companies named and shamed over poor reporting

easyJet fined for discrimination

08 July 2014 11:42

Disabled woman refused entry to flight

Amazon investigated over tax avoidance

07 July 2014 09:18

EU looks at arrangement with Luxembourg

PwC conflict of interest over transparency initiative

04 July 2014 13:59

Company awarded contract to investigate effects despite lobbying against the initiative

Facebook experiments on users

03 July 2014 13:18

Psychological experiment on users causes anger

Greenpeace targets Lego's Shell partnership

02 July 2014 14:15

Company distributed more than 16m Shell-branded toys 

L'Oreal using misleading ads

01 July 2014 13:49

Company settles with US regulator

Wonga forced to pay compensation

27 June 2014 10:33

Company using fake law firm to send threatening letters

Message in a pocket

26 June 2014 09:00

SOS note found in Primark clothing

Ecover using GMOs to replace palm oil

25 June 2014 09:44

Some detergents now contain 'synthetic biology' algal oils

Adidas is back onside

24 June 2014 10:44

Adidas agrees to stop the greenwash and come clean

Shell to be fined over spills

23 June 2014 13:30

Residents reject out-of-court settlement

Top ten U.S. companies avoiding tax

20 June 2014 13:08

Campaigners name and shame worst offenders

Glencore accused of greenwash

19 June 2014 15:36

Company fails to keep its environmental and social promises in the Congo

Coca-Cola plant shut down

18 June 2014 13:37

Company breeches license agreement

Monsanto takes legal action to stop GM food labelling

17 June 2014 15:52

Corporation tries to sue US state

Financial institutions fined over "misleading" marketing

16 June 2014 14:00

Credit Suisse and Yorkshire Building Society fined

EU investigates Apple, Starbucks and Fiat over tax

13 June 2014 10:27

Three companies at the centre of new probe

Qatar Airlines subject of ILO complaint

12 June 2014 14:26

Union takes them to task over workers’ rights

World Bank criticised over its links with Corporación Dinant

11 June 2014 13:32

Company speaks at a W.B. event despite links to death squads

Slave labour in prawn supply chain

10 June 2014 13:47

Role of major supermarkets questioned by the Guardian

G4S to be out of Israeli prisons in three years

09 June 2014 16:00

Company says it will not renew contracts

Vodafone allowing unlimited state snooping

06 June 2014 13:48

Phone giant giving governments direct access to communications

Desmond Tutu leads protests against G4S

05 June 2014 12:47

Company pressured to end contracts with Israel

Complaint to Japanese government over corporate backed project

04 June 2014 13:11

Myanmar Economic zone resettlement project under pressure

Credit Suisse helped Americans evade tax

30 May 2014 09:23

Bank pleaded guilty to criminal charges

Class action lawsuit against UnitedHealthcare

29 May 2014 15:51

Plaintiffs were denied coverage for residential treatment for mental health

Banking on shaky ground

28 May 2014 16:54

Australia’s big four banks and land grabs

Barclays fined for gold price fixing

23 May 2014 09:26

Worker exploited weakness the day after company was penalised for rate-rigging

Show us your tax, Shell

22 May 2014 12:02

A new report on the role of Switzerland in Shell’s tax planning

Vodafone's continued tax avoidance scandal

21 May 2014 11:59

UK Uncut launch a new wave of anti-cut protests

Child labour in US tobacco supply chain

19 May 2014 14:37

No restriction on farm working age in US

McDonald's worker strike goes global

12 May 2014 15:52

Fast food protests on 15th May for pay increase

Tesla fined over accident

02 May 2014 14:46

Three workers burnt with molten metal

Energy company accused of endangering lives

01 May 2014 12:59

Amazon Indian's put at risk by GDF

Air France continue to transport primates for experimentation

30 April 2014 14:42

PETA urges consumers to boycott Air France

Family successfully sue fracking company

25 April 2014 13:23

Landmark decision against frackers in USA

WWF attacked in new report

24 April 2014 14:25

Deal with Coke under scrutiny

Strike at Nike and Adidas suppliers

23 April 2014 15:05

Workers demand benefits and backpay 

Catch 22 for land rehabilitation

22 April 2014 14:51

New mines needed to fund environmental work says company

Starbucks moves offices to UK

16 April 2014 13:49

Company will pay more UK tax as a result

General Motors - faults linked to 13 deaths

15 April 2014 15:20

Investigation launched into recall of vehicles

Rogue firms nominated for badge of shame

11 April 2014 09:47

Public to vote for winner of new Bastardtrade award

British Gas fined £5.6m for blocking firms from switching

10 April 2014 13:52

Company denied thousands the chance to switch

Toyota recall yet more cars

09 April 2014 13:45

Japanese car maker issues new safety concerns

Disinvestment campaign launched to pressure Gates Foundation

08 April 2014 12:29

The Bill Gates Foundation hold $170m worth of shares in G4S

New research critical of Apple's reporting

07 April 2014 12:51

Zero improvement in workers rights issues

Oil company pays $5.1 billion over Environment case

04 April 2014 13:49

Largest ever fine claimed by US Justice Department

Amazon criticised for dirty data services

03 April 2014 15:12

Greenpeace report highlights lack of action on green energy


Capita accused of disability discrimination

01 April 2014 15:13

Contractor faces staff revolt in Birmingham

Prosecution launched against two arms companies

31 March 2014 14:10

Illegal weapons were promoted at the 2013 DSEi Arm Fair


Wal-Mart sues Visa

28 March 2014 09:57

Retailer complains Visa fixed card transaction price


Energy firms to be investigated

27 March 2014 12:36

Ofgen wants to restore public trust in big six

Child labour, mobile phones and gold supply chains

25 March 2014 15:12

Mobile phone companies unable to track gold used

US government criminal charge against Toyota

24 March 2014 16:09

Company to pay $1.2 billion fine

G4S employees to be charged with manslaughter

21 March 2014 13:11

Crown Prosecution Service to take action over death of deportee

Private equity getting rich off subsidies and tax breaks

20 March 2014 15:20

Individuals’ pay at astronomical levels 

New campaign launched against Apple

19 March 2014 14:54

Campaigners target company over toxic chemicals

Primark pays more to Rana Plaza victims

18 March 2014 16:37

Pressure builds on other brands to pay up

McDonalds in court over "wage theft"

14 March 2014 12:15

Fast food giant taken to task over pay


Shell paid former chief executive £22m over two years

13 March 2014 15:11

Payout comes despite profit warning.

Equatorial Palm Oil plantations set ablaze

12 March 2014 11:32

Local resistance to the company has resulted in repeated arson attacks

Australian mining company fined $1,500 for polluting aquifer

10 March 2014 14:07

High levels of Uranium found in water


Adidas pull offensive T-shirts

07 March 2014 12:39

World Cup sponsor accused of encouraging sex trade

Greenpeace accuses Adani of ‘flouting environmental laws’

06 March 2014 14:21

Coal company avoids environmental assessment on new project

Tesco tuna brand criticised by Greenpeace

03 March 2014 11:49

Company selling net caught fish.

Mining company fined for polluting

27 February 2014 16:02
Farmland around copper mine had excessive levels of metal

G4S accused of violence at Papua New Guinea Detention Centre

26 February 2014 12:27

Campaigners call for independent investigation

PGGM divests from Israeli banks

24 February 2014 16:55

The pension fund cited the banks' unethical and illegal practices in the West Bank.

Boeing paid no taxes in the US in 2013

21 February 2014 14:58

Company won 4.4 percent of all US federal government contracts in the same year

Intern suing fashion house McQueen

20 February 2014 13:49

Accuses the company of breaking the law by not paying her.


Chevron fracking site explosion

19 February 2014 11:35

One worker injured, another missing.

Former Barclays workers charged over Libor

17 February 2014 15:00

Three arrested by Serious Fraud Office

Tell Walmart to stop selling firearms

14 February 2014 14:31

Retail giant sells line of rifles for young children

Toxic wastewater dumped in Great Barrier Reef park

13 February 2014 14:02

Nickel refinery continues to dump wastewater despite permits being refused

Union Carbide's direct involvement in Bhopal disaster

12 February 2014 14:03

New evidence about faulty design of the pesticide plant

Amazon guilty of infringement of Lush’s trademark

11 February 2014 12:52

Amazon not allowed to show rival products when searching for Lush

Paper company's PR stunt

10 February 2014 17:39

APRIL still clinging to rainforest destruction

Deer to be culled at Sellafield

06 February 2014 17:21

Sign the petition to save the Sellafield deer

Boycott Intercontinental hotels

03 February 2014 14:56

New 'paradise' hotel being built in oppressed Tibet

Sainsbury's and M&S rated top for sustainable seafood

31 January 2014 13:33

Seafood market leader, Tesco, declines to take part

Kellogg locks out Memphis workers

30 January 2014 16:06

Cereal maker plans to increase casual workers

Child slavery case against Nestlé, Cargill and ADM

29 January 2014 15:06

Three Malian men bring case in California

Moroccan villagers protest against silver mine

28 January 2014 16:30

Villagers occupy a Moroccan hill for two and a half years

Indian energy company plans to destroy valuable forests to mine coal

27 January 2014 16:56

Protests against Essar take place in London and Mumbai

Gap and Gazprom receive 'awards of shame'

23 January 2014 13:25

Public Eye Awards winners announced

Pulp and paper giant told to end deforestation

22 January 2014 14:50

Indonesian company, APRIL, given ultimatum by business leaders

Toxic chemicals in kids clothes

21 January 2014 15:39

Burberry, Disney and adidas targetted

John Lewis refuses to boycott SodaStream

17 January 2014 12:47

New scrutiny on companies trading with illegal Israeli settlements

G4S and Serco fail to properly house asylum seekers

15 January 2014 15:12

Government watchdog says companies fail to meet standards

Biggest oil spill fine in Russian history

14 January 2014 13:54

Russian oil giant LUKoil to pay 614 million rubles (£11.25 million)

Chemical giants challenging EU over pesticide ban

13 January 2014 15:15

From the Archive: Bayer trying to overturn the ban on bee-killing pesticides

Winfresh (UK) Ltd fined for repeated safety failings

10 January 2014 15:24

Three separate incidents in which workers were injured after becoming trapped in machinery.

Cambodian garment workers killed by police

10 January 2014 14:03

One victim worked at a factory supplying Puma


UK palm oil company accused of human rights abuses

09 January 2014 14:36

Arrest, assault and land-grabbing in Liberia

Save the geese

08 January 2014 13:30

North Face, Patagonia and Rab called on to end plucking of live geese

Serco prison guards accused of sexual assault

07 January 2014 15:48

Woman deported before she could be questioned


Giant palm oil trader commits to ending deforestation

06 January 2014 14:07

Action hailed as "incredible"

German Amazon workers strike over pay

20 December 2013 15:00

Walk-out will continue in new year

Coca-Cola criticised over sugar supplier

19 December 2013 15:38

Campaigners report land-grabbing in Brazil

UK firms halt angora sales

18 December 2013 13:21

PETA highlights cruelty concerns

Cameroon's palm oil expansion

17 December 2013 14:34

Palm oil project granted the go ahead

Shell’s false claims on Niger Delta oil spills exposed

13 December 2013 11:50

Amnesty accuses Shell of wrongly reporting the cause of oil spills

US investors press Sochi Olympic sponsors over gay rights

09 December 2013 12:55

Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Procter & Gamble and Samsung urged to speak out

Facebook in fresh tax avoidance controversy

06 December 2013 16:49

Questions over use of Cayman Island subsidiaries

Pay gap between executives and employees revealed

05 December 2013 16:06

Eight top companies paid executives 1000 times more than employees

British Gas lobby for colder homes

04 December 2013 13:23

Company asks for reduced targets to keep energy demand high

H&M pledges to pay a living wage

03 December 2013 15:11

Will all of H&M’s supplier factories pay a living wage by 2018?

Amazon taken to court by Lush

02 December 2013 16:12

Cosmetics company accuses internet giant of bully-boy tactics

Two die in World Cup Stadium accident

29 November 2013 15:10

Journalist censored on site

22 killed in Chinese state-owned oil pipeline blast

28 November 2013 15:57

Reports of oil leaking into the sea

Death threats and physical violence against Monsanto protester

27 November 2013 16:47

Award winning activist beaten on way home from work

Divestment success

26 November 2013 14:47

Pension fund offloads Veolia shares

Amazon's stressful work conditions

25 November 2013 14:10

Warehouse workers face an increased risk of mental illness

Del Monte compensates Thai workers

22 November 2013 16:43

Workers stripped of their passports, denied pay and given substandard living quarters

Barclays promoting the use of tax havens in Africa

20 November 2013 13:45

Billions of pounds drained out of developing countries by tax havens

RBS, Barclays & HSBC banking on coal

19 November 2013 15:12

UK banks are second biggest coal lenders after American banks

Shell can help free the Arctic 30

18 November 2013 14:13

Demand Shell breaks its joint venture with Gazprom

Another Nestlé union activist killed

15 November 2013 12:06

The 15th violent death of Nestlé workers in Colombia

Koh Kong's offer of compensation

12 November 2013 17:49

Thailand's sugar industry reacts to Coke's statement on land grabbing.

Coca-Cola promises zero tolerance of land grabbing

11 November 2013 13:55

Company responds to Oxfam's campaign

Dole banana plantations "anything but ethical"

08 November 2013 12:31

Dole's banana plantations found to have poor workers' rights

Five banks made £2.2 billion from food speculation

07 November 2013 13:12

Goldman Sachs, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley

Ghana battle against electronic waste

05 November 2013 11:03

Environcom accused of exporting banned fridges

Harvey Nichols' fashion faux pas

04 November 2013 15:20

Department store resumes sale of fur

Continuing investments in nuclear weapons

01 November 2013 12:19

RBS one of the heaviest investors

Samsung chemicals linked to worker death

31 October 2013 14:14

Samsung not fully assessing workplace and fail to co-operate with court

Another UK energy scandal

30 October 2013 14:09

Over 30 UK energy companies avoid millions in tax while raising energy prices

Rabobank to pay $1.07 billion fine

29 October 2013 13:44

Another bank sanctioned over Libor scandal

G4S prisoner abuse

28 October 2013 17:22

UK company accused of torture in South African prison

Starbucks coffee under media fire

22 October 2013 13:50

Chinese media accuse Starbucks of high coffee prices

Exposed: Alliance Boots' aggressive tax regime

16 October 2013 13:05

Unite, War on Want and Change to Win reveal the company's tax dodging behaviour

Nike target of anti-slavery campaign

15 October 2013 10:23

Nike supplier using cotton picked by forced Uzbek labour

Wonga Swiss Wangle

14 October 2013 10:36

Company moving money through a tax haven

Foxconn admits worker rights violations

11 October 2013 11:02

World's biggest electronics manufacturer broke own code of conduct

Compensation for blacklisted builders

10 October 2013 12:49

Companies refuse to accept liability but agree to pay out

More factory deaths in Bangladesh

09 October 2013 14:41

Ten killed in latest fire

Teachers call for end to G4S contract

08 October 2013 15:42

New motion calls for council to sever ties with contractor

Top 5 UK banks banking while Borneo burns

07 October 2013 13:46

How the UK financial sector is bankrolling Indonesia’s fossil fuel boom

Cargill's Colombian land-grab

04 October 2013 13:08

U.S. commodities trader bought land through shell companies

Corporates slammed over land rights

03 October 2013 15:56

Associated British Foods, Pepsi and Coca-Cola score poorly in new policy ratings

Deaths and forced labour in lead up to Qatar World Cup

02 October 2013 13:56

Thousands could die constructing new stadiums

Edinburgh Woollen Mill “derisory” offer to victims' families

01 October 2013 14:32

Company offers £80.35  to relatives of those killed in Bangladesh factory fire

Anti-fur campaign relaunched against Flannels

26 September 2013 12:48

Activists renew campaign against clothing chain as it abandons fur-free policy

Olympic medals manufacture caused air pollution

25 September 2013 14:37

Mining company Rio Tinto sued over “illegal air pollution” allegations

JPMorgan Chase under the spotlight again

24 September 2013 14:02

Company investigated for further malpractice

Lidl supplier caught in BBC sting

23 September 2013 13:19

Undercover reporter finds forced labour and falsified documents

Barrick agrees to pay $20 million for mining disaster

20 September 2013 14:00

Settlement falls way below original claim of $100 million

Danone accused of bribery

17 September 2013 16:14

Food company investigated in China

Philip Morris lobbying tactics revealed

16 September 2013 14:56

EU health legislation delayed

Tesco selling GM food

13 September 2013 13:17

Supermarket targets children with new range of imported cereal

Abercrombie & Fitch found guilty of discrimination

11 September 2013 13:43

Clothing brand loses case against worker who wore a head scarf

Nokia talks falter

09 September 2013 12:29

70 arrested at Nokia Siemens Networks protest

McDonald's admits over 90% of staff on zero hour contracts

06 September 2013 10:46

GMB deliver ASBO to McDonald’s UK Head Office

Olympus to be prosecuted

05 September 2013 10:30

Company charged with "misleading, false or deceptive" accounting

Coca-Cola shuns Olympic boycott

02 September 2013 16:19

Calls to boycott Winter Olympics over anti-gay Russian laws

Serco investigated for fraud

30 August 2013 11:35

City of London police called in to investigate transfer of prisoners contract

Merrill Lynch settles US race discrimination case

29 August 2013 12:05

50 years after Martin Luther King Jr's March on Washington, US Brokerage giant Merrill Lynch settles racial discrimination lawsuit for $160m

Hovis challenged over pay and contracts

28 August 2013 14:24

Workers strike over casualisation of workforce

Ford fined over safety record

27 August 2013 15:09

Company fails to notify drivers about vehicle faults

Ray of hope for survivors of the Bhopal disaster

23 August 2013 10:33

Dow Chemical summoned to court, again.

Hovis workers strike over zero contract hours

22 August 2013 14:50

Hovis to start using agency staff on zero hour contracts to replace contracted workers

Vodafone in multimillion tax deal over Irish office

21 August 2013 11:30

Previously unreported settlement with HMRC came in wake of dispute over tax paid by subsidiary

Tesco fined over misleading sales practice

20 August 2013 08:33

Supermarket giant found guilty over 'half price' claim

Anti-fracking activists at Cuadrilla HQ

19 August 2013 12:46

Protesters target energy company

Email users' expectation of privacy illegitimate, claims Google

16 August 2013 13:46

Critics say court filing is a "stunning admission"

Place crash victims target Boeing with lawsuit

15 August 2013 12:49

Lawsuit claims safety device was not installed


GCM Resources planned coal mine in Bangladesh investigated for human rights abuses

14 August 2013 15:45

OECD to consider complaints regarding severe human rights violations

Swarovski’s Blood Stones

13 August 2013 15:25

Subsidiary of the Austrian crystal giant involved in promoting trophy hunting

Royal Canin sponsored bear-baiting in Ukraine

12 August 2013 13:18

Footage taken by Four Paws shows company sponsored events

Greenpeace calls for companies to take responsibility for their role in Fukushima disaster

09 August 2013 11:53

Greenpeace calls for Hitachi, Toshiba and General Electric to pay for the damages their reactors caused at Fukushima.

Tepco finally admits escape of radiation contaminated water at Fukushima

08 August 2013 13:33

Water contaminated with radiation is escaping through an underground barrier Tepco created by injecting chemicals into the soil.

G4S, Sony and Travis Perkins found using prison labour

07 August 2013 14:07

G4S, Travis Perkins and Sony DADC, a UK subsidiary of Sony Corporation have all been found to be using prison labour.

Strikes at Amazon's German warehouses

06 August 2013 15:09

Amazon opposed to organised labour, says union

Balcombe oil drilling begins

05 August 2013 11:46

Day 12 at the Balcombe blockade

Exxon Mobil pollution of New York groundwater

02 August 2013 14:08

Company used a chemical it knew could be harmful

Pfizer settles over illegal drug marketing

01 August 2013 14:00

Drug promoted by Wyeth sales staff for 'off-label' uses

Sports Direct in zero-hour contract scandal

30 July 2013 09:37

Sportswear retailer under fire for poor treatment of part-time staff

Apple caught in new workers rights scandal

29 July 2013 10:43

Chinese Labour Watch provides fresh allegations

Tax breaks worsen struggle against poverty

25 July 2013 15:10

UK companies in Sierra Leone part of the problem

RBS fined over trading irregularities

24 July 2013 11:46

Bank failed to properly report almost 45 million trades.

G4S hides identity on planning applications

23 July 2013 14:57

Company attempts to secure children's homes in anyway possible

Amazon avoids German tax

22 July 2013 14:53

Company pays minuscule percentage on sales

Panasonic plead guilty to price fixing

19 July 2013 13:43

Electronics giant admit to distorting market

Unions demand justice for PepsiCo workers

18 July 2013 13:46

PepsiCo attacked over anti-union campaign in India

Ex-workers sue Target

17 July 2013 15:03

Hispanic workers allege racial discrimination

GlaxoSmithKline executives admit to corruption

16 July 2013 09:52

Employees detained over 'serious economic crimes'

Apple controversy lays bare complex Irish tax web

15 July 2013 12:27

US companies using Ireland to reduce tax bill

Microsoft conspire with NSA snooping

12 July 2013 11:28

New revelations show depth of relationship

Unlawful killing ruling for G4S guards

11 July 2013 13:36

Angolan man Jimmy Mubenga died after being restrained by G4S guards

Tate & Lyle supplier faces court action

10 July 2013 14:10

Sugar company under scrutiny for child labour and land grabs

E.On fined £3million

09 July 2013 11:59

Company sanctioned over energy-saving light bulb distribution

70 retailers agree Bangladesh garment factory inspections

08 July 2013 12:18

But US retailers like Wal-Mart and Gap shun the deal

Rolls-Royce face lawsuit

05 July 2013 11:23

Company accused of using parts labelled as 'scrap only'

Save the Arctic from Shell

04 July 2013 16:58

Shell trying to access the Arctic through Russia

Nintendo criticised over "blood minerals"

03 July 2013 14:37

Nintendo bottom of conflict minerals rating

Apple stores raided by French Authorities

02 July 2013 15:33

Vail of secrecy surrounds actions

Danone under attack for baby milk marketing

01 July 2013 12:22

Food giant accused of misleading campaign

U.S court dismisses Iraqi torture case

28 June 2013 11:26

Ab Ghraib prison torture case against CACI dismissed as judge rules it does not have the jurisdiction

Forced labour used by suppliers to major brands

27 June 2013 09:13

Electrolux and British Airways among those named in investigation

UBS France fined over tax evasion

26 June 2013 16:12

Bank sanctioned over shadow accounting system

Food companies carry out cruel animal experiments

25 June 2013 10:29

Yakult, Danone, Nestle and Unilever all named in new report

Starbucks pays UK corporation tax!

24 June 2013 10:59

Consumer action forces the move

Dolce and Gabbana found guilty of tax evasion

21 June 2013 10:18

Designer clothes pair sentenced to jail

BMW sued for alleged racial discrimination

20 June 2013 15:44

Criminal background checks discriminated against African-Americans

Deloitte suspended from New York

19 June 2013 12:43

One-year ban due to conflicts of interest

Starbucks faces disability lawsuit

18 June 2013 14:50

Californian stores may need to replace counters

Centrica to invest in fracking

17 June 2013 13:04

Gas giant criticised for move into controversial fossil fuel sector

Thames Water paid no corporation tax in 2012

14 June 2013 10:11

But got £5m credit from the Treasury and made £550m in profits

Petition against Lufthansa munitions transportation

13 June 2013 10:01

German airline helps supply Turkey with tear gas

Lloyds systemic rejection of PPI claims

11 June 2013 13:18

Lloyds admits mishandling complaints

Vodafone avoids corporation tax, again.

10 June 2013 09:21

Telecoms company hides behind loopholes

Mars and Nestlé charged with price fixing

07 June 2013 09:16

Companies accused of rigging chocolate prices in Canada

Investigation into corporate liability for worker deaths

06 June 2013 13:00

German MP complains over company involvement in lethal fire

HSBC sued over 'illegal' mortgage claims

05 June 2013 14:50

Banks taken to court by New York State

Deaths at Indonesian mine

04 June 2013 10:11

Production halted after two fatal accidents

Apple accused of e-book price-fixing

03 June 2013 12:47

itunes deal used to keep Amazon at bay

Is Allianz playing hunger games?

31 May 2013 08:45

German companies accused of causing food price fluctuations

Wal-Mart guilty of illegal waste dumping

30 May 2013 07:44

Company broke environmental laws in two US states

Police attack Nike supplier strike

29 May 2013 08:48

Over 23 hurt as police charge with stun batons

US retailers shun factory plan

28 May 2013 08:21

GAP and Wal-Mart among those who refuse to sign safety accord

Npower - the big tax turnoff

24 May 2013 11:35

Switch to a tax-paying energy supplier

HSBC bankrolling climate change

23 May 2013 14:55

WDM protest outside HSBC’s AGM Friday 24th May

BP and Shell accused of price rigging

22 May 2013 10:45

Offices raided by European commission

Apple "among largest tax avoiders in US"

21 May 2013 09:45

Senate says Apple used "a complex web of offshore entities"

Npower, the big tax turnoff

20 May 2013 14:10

Switch to a more ethical, tax-paying supplier

Tate and Lyle accused of not so fair trade sugar sourcing

17 May 2013 09:29

Court case over illegally seized land in Cambodia

Amazon UK paid £3m tax on £4bn sales last year

16 May 2013 09:16

But government gave it £2.5m in grants!

Campaigners target HSBC

15 May 2013 12:46

Bill Oddie joins Global Witness to highlight issue of illegal logging

Progress in Bangladesh garment industry

14 May 2013 13:29

H&M and Zara sign up to safety accord

Top companies' use of tax havens revealed

13 May 2013 13:36

Big four banks and Tesco among biggest users

Violence at Escobal Silver mine

10 May 2013 12:41

Tahoe Resources investors warned against further investment in the mine

HMRC in dock over tax avoidance

03 May 2013 10:57

Goldman's "sweetheart" deal scrutinised in court

How Google UK clouds its tax liabilities

01 May 2013 14:24

Reuters investigation into Google UK tax affairs

Companies lobby to hide additives

30 April 2013 15:09

US dairy industry calls for aspartame to be included in milk without labelling

Samsung comes clean over dirty tin

26 April 2013 13:01

Company admits using metal mined by children

Bangladesh factory collapse

25 April 2013 09:47

Primark and Mango labels found in the ruins

Banks financing controversial dam

24 April 2013 15:26

Role of international institutions called into question

Biggest agribusiness lobbying spender

23 April 2013 12:41

From the archive: Monsanto paying out millions

Samsung admits using forest-trashing tin

22 April 2013 10:01

Friends of the Earth campaign now focuses on Apple

Boycott Nikon over trophy hunting

19 April 2013 07:21

Camera company makes riflescopes for hunting large animals

Npower pays zero tax

18 April 2013 13:02

No corporation tax for the last three years

Walmart, Disney and Sears refuse to compensate factory fire victims

17 April 2013 11:17

Other retailers agree to contribute to compensation plan

Mining groups AGM action

16 April 2013 09:24

Rio Tinto and Anglo America AGMs to be targeted

Chemical firms lobby against the ban of bee killing pesticides

15 April 2013 10:57

Corporate Europe Observatory list arguments used by the two companies.

KPMG in firing-line for bank collapse

12 April 2013 09:19

Role of auditors under scrutiny

ExxonMobil liable for groundwater contamination

11 April 2013 12:35

Order to pay $236 million for clean up costs in USA

Abattoir closed over meat production concerns

08 April 2013 14:05

Concerns over its ability to safely produce meat.

Excessive pay in energy sector

05 April 2013 13:39

5 out of 6 top firms paying staff over £1million

Exxon Oil Spill renews debate over Keystone pipeline

04 April 2013 12:55

Authorities investigate incident

Record fine for energy company

03 April 2013 13:58

SSE guilty of 'prolonged and extensive' mis-selling

Good Energy drops G4S

02 April 2013 11:35

Customers complain over human rights abuses

Mining company abusing rights of rape victims

28 March 2013 14:02

Barrick Gold attempts to block right to legal redress

Google and tax avoidance

26 March 2013 15:34

Company score worst Ethical Consumer rating

New guide to palm oil and chocolate

25 March 2013 15:37

Leading companies score badly

AngloGold Ashanti operations suspended in Colombia

22 March 2013 12:35

Accused of breaking rules on mining exploration and water use.

Barclays awards £39m to nine executives

21 March 2013 14:28

More high pay for bankers

Fashion company accused of sexism

20 March 2013 14:57

Tribunal hears unfair dismissal claim

HSBC under investigation for money laundering, again

19 March 2013 15:32

Bank facing charges in Argentina

G4S accused over links to Palestinian ‘torture’

18 March 2013 10:35

Campaigners demand its withdrawal from country

Chevron attempts to silence shareholder critics

15 March 2013 09:32

Company appeals to regulators

Google pays £10.1m in executive bonuses

14 March 2013 14:06

Google UK paid £6m in tax to Treasury in 2011

EDF drops lawsuit against campaigners

13 March 2013 15:08

Energy giant backs down and agrees to injunction

Amazon: Unions a "risk"

12 March 2013 10:19

Company receives worst rating for supply chain management

Bankers' Bonus Bonanza

11 March 2013 10:00

Barclays and RBS paying out huge sums, again.

Amazon targeted over animal cruelty

08 March 2013 09:34

On-line day of action planned

Cadbury in Indian tax dodge

07 March 2013 09:34

Company faces multiple counts of false invoicing

Electrolux under fire for unfair dismissal of unionists in Thailand

06 March 2013 17:10

Company dismisses 129 union members after negotiations breakdown

Amazon removes sexist products

04 March 2013 14:31

e:tailer drops offending items but continues to stock brand

Shell stops Arctic drilling

01 March 2013 15:48

Catalogue of problems blamed for halt

BP, Shell and Tullow tax avoidance

28 February 2013 10:59

Profits up but corporation tax down

Samsung supply chain linked to coral reef erosion

26 February 2013 10:00

Tin in their mobile phones linked to habitat destruction

Amazon quits Neo-Nazi subcontractor

18 February 2013 15:40

Company ends relationship with security firm

Barclays stops speculating on food

13 February 2013 15:38

Bank's pledge not sufficient to tackle the problem

Barclays investment scandal

12 February 2013 13:19

Bank found to have lied about funders

Sugar baddy

11 February 2013 14:58

British food company in new tax dodge revelations

Unilever supply chain problems

08 February 2013 13:46

New report highlights workers' rights abuses

RBS fined over rate fixing

07 February 2013 14:56

Taxpayer-owned bank third to be sanctioned

Nestlé guilty of spying

01 February 2013 13:06

Court rules on espionage charge

Pharma corp refuse to face responsibility

31 January 2013 13:43

GlaxoSmithKline to fight UK legal battle despite US payouts

BP to pay biggest criminal penalty in US history

30 January 2013 13:10

Deepwater Horizon settlement reached

Apple's child labour discovery

29 January 2013 13:36

Audit reveals major issues in supply chain

Top brands used fire factory

27 January 2013 15:10

Bershka, Lefties, KIK and New Look labels all found on site

Naming and shaming awards go to...

24 January 2013 09:59

Goldman Sachs and Shell win the Public Eye Awards 2013

OXO and Bisto maker fined

23 January 2013 10:48

River Severn polluted with liquid waste

Malaysian worker abuses

22 January 2013 15:24

New report highlights role of corporations

Goldman Sachs "gambling on hunger"

22 January 2013 14:12

Bank making huge profit from food speculation

Auditor questioned over tax avoidance

21 January 2013 11:27

PWC could face possible fine

Barclays sack mother of ill child

18 January 2013 11:36

Bank face multi-million dollar tribunal

IGas to start fracking in Salford

17 January 2013 12:22

Extraction likely to start soon

Public Eye Awards Nominations

16 January 2013 11:56

Public Eye Awards for the worst cases of corporate misdeeds