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Premier Foods fined

Jan 11

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11/01/2013 11:09  RssIcon reported on 4th January 2013 that Premier Foods had been fined £15,000 for effluent discharge into the Severn Trent Water's sewer system. Worksop magistrates court heard that on November 29th 2011, effluent discharged into the sewer by Premier Foods at its Worksop site was found to be 26 times above the permitted limit for chemical oxygen demand and 23 times the permitted limit for suspended solids. Severn Trent Water spokesman stated that the limits placed to regulate trade discharges were calculated to ensure that they did not adversely affect the capacity of the sewage works to efficiently treat sewage. He said that 'exceeding these limits is not only illegal; it can damage the sewage treatment process and risk causing harm to the environment'. Premier foods was fined £15,000 and ordered to pay legal costs of £5,106.18.


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From the Archive: Bayer trying to overturn the ban on bee-killing pesticides

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Divestment success

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Pension fund offloads Veolia shares

Amazon's stressful work conditions

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Warehouse workers face an increased risk of mental illness

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