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Ethical issues in charitable giving
Last Post 20/01/2017 11:31:03 by extremeharmony. 0 Replies.
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New Member

20/01/2017 11:31:03
    Hello all,

    I am part of a student union which is constitutionally bound to give 10% of its income to at least one local/national charity and at least one international charity. We invite suggestions for charities from our members, but at our last meeting questions were raised about ethical issues that might surround the decision making process.

    To this end, I've been given the job of drawing up a proposed ethical charter to govern how our money is donated, but I've come a bit unstuck. All I have so far are:

    "All charitable giving by the Common Room must be in line with the aims and values espoused both by the Common Room and the House.

    Charities that benefit from the Common Room’s donations should not, as a direct result of their work:
    - cause harm to human life;
    - cause unnecessary suffering to animal life;
    - cause unsustainable damage to the environment.

    Charities which employ paid staff, in whatever capacity, should pay a fair wage to these staff – in the UK this should be the Living Wage, which in 2016 was £8.45/hr (£9.75/hr in London)"

    Can anyone think of other pointers? Thanks!
    You are not authorized to post a reply.


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