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Don't forget the author
Last Post 06/08/2013 15:36:18 by heatheradmin. 1 Replies.
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N Solomon
New Member
New Member

11/06/2013 23:22:32

    Paper books You say “Second-hand is best “ and that “Our best buy recommendation is that you always try and buy second-hand books.”

    We agree that second- hand books have an environmental advantage but would point out that authors receive no royalty or other payment from sales of second- hand books. Authors need to earn reasonable amounts from the considerable effort put into writing in order to continue producing inspiring and informative books (in whatever format) in all genres . In a survey in 2006, ALCS concluded that writing is a very risky profession with median earnings of around £12000 for “professional” authors and around £4000 for all authors, less than one quarter of the typical wage of a UK employee. Benchmarking the results against the Society’s survey, reported in 2000, indicated that the earnings of a typical author were deteriorating in real terms. This trend is continuing and to suggest that consumers choose second –hand books risks a situation where authors can no longer afford to write.

    We suggest that consumers support the High Street by using bookshops or, as you mention, visiting a local library –authors benefit when books are borrowed from a library. The Public Lending Right (“ PLR”) scheme provides authors with a modest payment each time one of their books is borrowed from a public library. PLR is designed to balance the social need for free public access to books against an author’s right to be remunerated for the use of their work. PLR is particularly important to authors whose books are sold mainly to libraries and to those whose books are no longer in print but are still being read. PLR provides a significant and much-valued part of authors’ incomes.

    E-books You recommend using the free sites – but authors do not receive any remuneration if ebooks are borrowed from these sources. We suggest that you recommend public libraries: they lend an increasing number of ebooks- and, again, authors receive payment for those loans.

    If readers want to avoid dominance by Amazon, they may wish to avoid the Kindle and buy a different e-reading device.

    e-book lending sites Please note that e-book lending is usually unlawful in the UK unless it is done through public libraries or other sources authorised by the author or publisher. And, again, authors are not paid. It is surely not ethical to recommend methods of reading which deprive authors of their livelihood?

    Nicola Solomon

    Chief Executive

    The Society of Authors


    Senior Member
    Senior Member

    06/08/2013 15:36:18
    Hi Nicola,

    Thank you for pointing this out.

    We are offering alternatives to buying books from Amazon and different ways you can access books. Obviously buying books from an independent book shop would be ideal and we would encourage people to do this, however sometimes the cost is a problem and therefore borrowing from the library would be a sensible alternative.

    Kind regards,

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