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New list of palm-oil free products
Last Post 15/10/2015 11:13:33 by Ingavdh. 21 Replies.
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Rob Harrison ECRA STAFF Senior Member Senior Member Posts:36
30/07/2010 11:43:51
    We are beginning to get quite a few requests on this subject.
    leonie ECRA STAFF Senior Member Senior Member Posts:7
    30/07/2010 17:45:17
    Consumers are increasingly aware of the negative environmental and social impacts of palm oil production, and want to avoid the ingredient where possible. This is a tricky task as it is in so many products. At Ethical Consumer we'd like to make it easier for you, and so will be publishing a list of palm oil free products and companies on our website soon. We invite you to post a comment here if you know of any.

    Palm oil free companies include:

    First Quality Foods – Sammy's cous cous, Al'fez dinner kits, condiments and spices, and Ma Baker bars

    Dorset Cereals

    So Baby, Truuuly Scrumptious and Ella's Kitchen baby food

    Lush toiletries

    Pure Nuff Stuff toiletries

    OrganiPets pet food

    Suma also do their best to avoid palm oil; it is now only in their margarines and soaps
    nickjones77 New Member New Member Posts:2
    05/08/2010 17:18:00
    This list will be invaluable - the current method of a blanket avoidance of all "vegetable oil" simply isn't practical or fair, so I would welcome such a list. When could we expect it to be published?
    LoobyGuru New Member New Member Posts:1
    19/08/2010 16:09:25

    Two ranges from the RSPB shop are guaranteed palm oil free:

    Skinny Dipper toiletries, a gorgeous range of smellies guaranteed to contain no palm oil, also free from parabens and phosphates, made in the UK, and are not tested on animals. Hooray!
    You can order it on their website at http://shopping.rspb.org.uk/c/skinnydipper.htm, or do what I did and use the excuse to go to a lovely RSPB nature reserve to have a sniff before you buy.

    Love Nature chocolate, which is Fairtrade, Organic, and free from palm oil and soya oil. They're at http://shopping.rspb.org.uk/p/RSPBC...colate.htm

    All profits go towards the RSPB's conservation work, including a big project in the Sumatran rainforest (http://www.rspb.org.uk/supporting/c...sumatra/), so it helps twice over!

    Beyond New Member New Member Posts:1
    21/08/2010 11:18:49
    All Beyond Organic Skincare products are Palm Oil Free (www.beyondskincare.co.uk). Also from Cornwall, Pure N'uff Stuff have mostly palm oil free products.
    ShySheep New Member New Member Posts:1
    13/09/2010 13:17:16
    PalmOilFreeSoap.com has palm oil free unscented soap.
    Rob Harrison ECRA STAFF Senior Member Senior Member Posts:36
    16/06/2011 17:08:25
    We now have a web page on this site with our current list of palm oil free products. It is at www.ethicalconsumer.org/ShoppingEthically/PalmOilFreeList.aspx
    Do please let us know if there are other brands you think we should add.
    MartinCurtis New Member New Member Posts:4
    03/07/2011 10:59:03
    Also worth noting that the better shortbread brands, Walkers plus some supermarket own label, do not contain palm oil whereas almost all the other biscuits seem to. Shortbread is our new standard biscuit to accompany our morning cup of tea!
    DavidT New Member New Member Posts:24
    14/03/2012 17:44:27
    Palm oil-free margarine. Is it possible?

    Rob Harrison ECRA STAFF Senior Member Senior Member Posts:36
    07/04/2012 13:36:25
    In our magarine report on this site we state:

    "It is extremely difficult to avoid palm oil in margarines and spreads. Consumers who prefer a vegan diet flavoured with a clear conscience will be pleased to hear that palm oil used in the Biona products comes from Daabon organic group in Colombia, which are certified by Proforest for "sustainable management"."

    I think this this means we've not found one yet. One solution is to look for organic (such as Biona above) which can address some of the problems. However there has been some issues with Daabon too. So, as is often the case, it is not clear-cut.

    "The Body Shop and others saw the Daabon option as a way of trying to sidestep the problems at the RSPO whilst not abandoning the ingredient altogether. This was looking to be quite a good choice until September 2009 when stories emerged from Colombia of Daabon’s plans to expand its plantations, falling foul of local peoples who claimed that land rights were being violated and existing residents evicted.7"
    HelenaS New Member New Member Posts:1
    16/05/2013 18:41:15

    A friend of mine has opened a page on FB called 'Palm Oil Free'. She has begun emailing companies asking them whether they include palm oil in their products and has received a number of responses so far. I use her page alongside Ethical Consumer to decide how ethical a company is, but it would be fantastic if you included this information as standard in your product guides.
    Rob Harrison ECRA STAFF Senior Member Senior Member Posts:36
    21/05/2013 15:39:10
    Thanks for letting us know about this Helena. We do usually now also run separate text in each guide discussing palm oil use in products where it is common. We are also running detailed research and rankings on this with the rainforest foundation. See e.g http://www.rainforestfoundationuk.org/Chocolate
    FaithCanter New Member New Member Posts:2
    02/07/2013 11:00:31
    Hi there Rob,
    Sorry to tell you but Lush are not Palm Oil free and do not pretend to be, there response to an email where I asked them about their Palm Oil usage is on the the list I just posted under this topic.
    They cannot even guarantee that the Palm Oil they use is 100% sustainable at present. =0(
    Hope this helps
    Sunflower38 New Member New Member Posts:1
    14/07/2013 20:36:04
    Pure Lakes Skin Care (See www.purelakes.co.uk ) is palm oil free and they make really lovely toiletries. Additionally they allow you to buy in bulk, which really saves money (and packaging).

    When I emailed them to ask about their palm oil usage, I received this response:

    "We do have a palm oil policy, in fact we have a policy covering all our raw materials. We only use ingredients that are from sustainable, traceable sources and that are produced with the mininum (sic) amount of processing. So we do not use palm oil or derivatives in our products."

    Hope someone finds this helpful

    Cally New Member New Member Posts:1
    19/02/2014 17:04:20
    Hi Sunflower38
    I took a look at Pure Lakes ingredients glossary and it looks like they do use palm derivatives, for example Cetyl Alcohol (derived from Palm Kernel). Under E for emulsifier it says: We use only natural emulsifiers sourced from Coconut and Palm Oils. Sorry but maybe i or we need to email these people and see what they say :-)

    I am just finishing my write up on palm oil and SLS and in my experience you can have a company that does NOT use SLS but does still use these derivatives, its very difficult but the way i look at it is that if you choose to buy an SLS free product (even though it contains other palm derivatives) i guess you are still lessening the demand for some palm ingredients!! Also when looking at these sites, i always feel that if the company doesn't exactly mention palm oil and its destructive environmental issues, then they are probably not really bothered. If i owned a business i would shout outthat i don't use it and explain why

    Keep up the great work Sunflower38

    Ps if anyone wants my write up please let me know, i will also offer it to EC.
    cleanme New Member New Member Posts:1
    30/05/2014 11:51:48

    Does anyone know if Faith products are Palm oil free? I purchased them as they were listed on this website but subsequently had doubts looking at the ingredients. I wrote to them to get a formal response but heard nothing.

    What are the environmental criteria on the product guides and do they include a palm oil factor?

    Windmill10 New Member New Member Posts:1
    29/07/2015 10:59:51
    Nutella released information regarding their chocolate spread and use of sustainable palm oil. Has this been verified? Does it extend to other chocolate products they sell (kinder eggs, ferrero richer etc)?
    Cub New Member New Member Posts:1
    26/09/2015 15:18:27
    Hi, I was directed to this site in an attempt to find a PO free baby formula (in the UK). I have been told that Hipp Organic uses 100% sustainable PO, and didn't know if that was my only option? Thanks in advance for any advice/help.
    Great site by the way - have tried to be PO free, but will find it a lot easier with this assistance!
    heatheradmin Senior Member Senior Member Posts:173
    28/09/2015 12:22:55

    We have recently released a new report looking at Palm Oil and the issue on whether to boycott or buy sustainably sourced palm oil.


    Kind regards,

    gpurdey New Member New Member Posts:2
    08/10/2015 20:55:54
    Hi everyone,

    I hate having to not buy things with palm oil in, so many producers use palm oil because it costs so little compared to substitutes you can use. One thing I really dislike though is (correct me if i'm wrong) companies don't actually have to put palm oil in the ingredients list, they can call it vegetable oil, if using it wasn't bad enough they can imply they don't use it.

    When I launched my chocolate company (http://www.discoverchocolatebars.com) I made sure I had right on the front of the packaging 'No Palm Oil', sadly (or not depending on how you see it) so many people have asked things like 'what's wrong with palm oil' or even 'what is palm oil' and whilst I can explain to them it goes to show how few people are aware of the the ethics behind palm oil. We need a big company to make a stand against it, not just not use it, but actually get a national campaign going to educate people on the issue.
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