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Food miles
Last Post 26/05/2015 17:41:04 by heatheradmin. 2 Replies.
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New Member
New Member

19/04/2015 15:37:25
    Just a point that I rarely see in your magazine,
    or in regards to people's concerns about TTIP, or left wing magazines
    outside of environmental literature: with the awareness of our carbon
    footprint and its effect on the atmosphere surely the encouragement
    should be for people to buy local. Also, it's best to buy in season and
    indigenous fruit and veg as this requires no technology that would emit
    carbon as well as there being less transport. I know this is a very
    broad point and it would have been mentioned from time to time but I
    don't feel it is always part of the thinking. For example, off the top
    of my head in the latest issue there is talk about supermarkets and
    encouraging them to stock Fairtrade bananas, but this is a tropical fruit from
    thousands of miles away, surely encouraging a British winter fruit like
    the Cox apples, and grown organically would be better.
    New Member
    New Member

    20/04/2015 23:48:01
    hear hear!
    this is why i get a local vegbox
    even if they have to put some energy into growing some things here in scotland, it'll be nothing compared to importing and fridging and freighting...
    Senior Member
    Senior Member

    26/05/2015 17:41:04
    Hi Gee-Dog,

    Yes I totally agree on buying local as much as possible however for some reason in the UK we are obsessed with bananas - which I have never understood how and why this has come to be given that it takes a lot of effort to get them to the UK so they ripe just in time!! However as people insist in buying bananas it is better that they have been from certified farms. Obviously the supermarkets play a large role in convincing consumers we need bananas by selling them so cheaply. Even in veg and fruit box schemes bananas are included.

    We talked about FT bananas and campaigns concerning them in the issue of supermarkets because both FT and Oxfam Germany are targeting supermarkets in their unfair treatment of banana suppliers.


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