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Pornography Weighted Under Human Rights
Last Post 14/08/2015 16:23:43 by heatheradmin. 1 Replies.
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New Member
New Member

24/06/2015 12:30:40
    Under the "People" slider, there's a subsection "Human Rights" with the following explanation offered:

    "We include companies who have subsidiaries or businesses in countries which we call 'oppressive regimes'.

    This list of countries was last updated in 2011 using research from Amnesty International, Freedom House and the International Centre for Trade Union Rights.

    Also taken into account are criticisms relating directly to human rights abuses - such as forcing people off their land to build a pipeline or hiring other agencies which have perpetuated human rights abuses.

    Pornography distributors or publishers also appear here."

    This appears rather bizarre to have pornography lumped together with human rights abuses, shouldn't pornography have its own section altogether?
    Senior Member
    Senior Member

    14/08/2015 16:23:43
    Hi Solarius,

    Sorry its taken a while to response to you.

    We published this article in 2006 answering your very question


    Kind regards,

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