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Graze Boxes
Last Post 14/08/2015 16:36:05 by heatheradmin. 1 Replies.
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New Member
New Member

21/07/2015 15:39:49
    Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but I emailed 'Graze' (they do boxes which you order online with small punnets of healthy snacks such as nuts and seeds, as well as other items such as small flapjacks.

    I will post my email and their replies here in case it is of use to anybody.

    My email:

    "I am contacting you concerning the ethics of your company.

    Firstly I would like to ask you about the materials that your boxes and punnets are made from. You say on your website that the paper and card are made from sustainable sources, but do you have any sort of certification for this (such as FSC)? Do you have any more information on the source of your materials? You also say that your punnets contain recycled material, what percentage is this, and is it post-consumer waste?

    Moving on to the contents of the boxes. There is little information about the origins of your food on the website that I have found. Do you make efforts to ensure that your produce is sustainable, for example by buying locally and avoiding air freighted goods? Are any of your products organic or fair trade?"

    Their reply:

    "Thanks for getting in touch! I'll be happy to answer your questions as fully as I can now.

    Our graze boxes are indeed from sustainable sources, and are certified PEFC. This stands for the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. You can read more about what this entails on their website here:


    Our cardboard supplier is a leader in sustainable, food grade packaging, and they are also BRC certified (British Retail Consortium).

    The plastic punnets are made completely with recycled PET materials. The only element of our punnets which isn't recycled and recyclable, is the plastic film seal, which contains a special material to keep the food inside fresh.

    I'm not sure exactly how much of the punnet is from post-consumer waste, however I do know the man who will! I've dropped our head of packaging Ben an email about this - I imagine he won't be back in the office until after the bank holiday, however I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I get clarification from him.

    We have excellent relationships with all of our suppliers, and always work hard to ensure that everyone along the supply chain receives a fair deal. We are not however, officially fair trade certified, and we don't use organic produce in our boxes.

    We source our ingredients for optimum quality, and whilst this does mean that we can use many local suppliers like our bakers in the Cotswolds, we also have some ingredients coming in from overseas. The variety of tropical fruits and other tasty fresh ingredients in our range means that it would be impossible to avoid air freight entirely, but I can assure you that we are aware of the "food miles" involved in our snacks, and do try and limit this as much as we can.

    I hope this helps to explain a little more about our nibbles Leon, and that I'll be able to get back to you about the post-consumer waste soon! Please do let me know if you have any further questions, or would like any information about any of our ingredients in particular - I'll be happy to help. "

    They then replied again with extra info:

    "I hope you don't mind me emailing again so soon!

    I've actually just heard back from Ben, our head of packaging now - he's clearly having an industrious bank holiday weekend.

    Firstly, I just want to correct a mistake I made earlier - our punnets are not completely composed of recycled materials. I misunderstood one of our internal reference documents, which I will be getting clarified now for next time!

    The plastic punnets actually contain around 50-90% recycled materials. I know this is quite a range, but we source our punnets from two different suppliers who will always have a different blend of plastics in their material.

    This recycled material is a mix of post-consumer waste like drinks bottles, and post industrial, like the leftover plastic from when our punnets are formed.

    I hope this helps to explain this in more detail Leon, and that you're having a good Sunday in the meantime. Please let me know if you have any further questions, and I'll be happy to help."

    I then asked: "Do you have any plans to become Fairtrade certified or use organic products in the future?"

    And they replied:

    "Thanks for your reply, I'm glad I could help give you a few more details about this!

    We don't have any immediate plans on the table to move towards organic ingredients, or get an official Fairtrade certification. This is because we're really happy with all of our current suppliers, and confident that they can provide us with the best quality ingredients, whilst ensuring a fair deal for everyone along the supply chain.

    We really value feedback from our grazers however, and I can assure you that emails like yours all get passed along to our team in the kitchen. We often make decisions about snacks, recipes and ingredients based on suggestions and opinions from our customers, so I can assure you that your words will definitely be heard by the team in charge of these decisions.

    I hope this is okay Leon, and helps you decide whether you'd like to graze with us in the future. Please let me know if you have any further questions in the meantime, and I'll be happy to help. "

    Overall they seem like a fairly ethical company. Sorry this is a bit of a mess, but I don't have time right now to present it in a more organised manner.

    Senior Member
    Senior Member

    14/08/2015 16:36:05
    Hi Leon,

    Thank you for posting this information. Very interesting to hear what they are up to.

    However I do think without third party verification into their supply chain - either Fairtrade or Organic - it would be very hard to guarantee that everyone receives a 'fair deal'. They offer products which contain ingredients where we know there are workers' rights issues within the supply chain. For example cocoa.

    A quick look at their website they don't appear to have a supply chain policy or a policy which mentions workers' rights. So under our ratings they would score poorly for supply chain management.

    The company has a turnover of over £50m so we would expect better reporting from them.

    However they appear willing to engage on this matter so if we do a product guide to snacks we would hope they respond to our questionnaire.

    Kind regards,

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