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Last Post 18/09/2015 16:04:47 by SamB. 0 Replies.
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18/09/2015 16:04:47
    When Sodastream switched from steel to aluminium canisters, I tried to find out why, and was informed that it was to reduce the transport costs as they were no longer having local filling centres and the canisters were sent to and from their factory in Israel. When I checked, I found that the factory was in the occupied territories, so didn't investigate any further but looked for an alternative.

    More recently I have noticed that Sodastream's advertising is largely based on Carbon footprint, and the fact that you are not using lots of bottles, but I haven't been able to find any reference to the actual carbon footprint of Sodastream; you may get 60 litres from one cylinder, but balanced against the transport of an empty cylinder to and a full one from from Palestine, I wonder how well it does compare with locally bottled fizzy water.

    Obviously the preferable thing would be the old system where locally refilled CO2 was used, but that is no longer available.
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