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Carbon footprints for food
Last Post 25/10/2015 20:39:06 by leigonj. 0 Replies.
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25/10/2015 20:39:06
    I think a guide to the carbon footprints of various foodstuffs would be well worth adding. I've effectively stopped eating beef altogether, for example, after learning quite how disastrous it is for the environment (and it's not just because of cows farting either! The amount of land set aside for cows to roam on, the fact that forests are razed specifically for the purpose, the water needed to raise them, the grain grown to feed them all adds up to something huge, see here: http://www.theguardian.com/environm...han-cars). Also, the carbon footprints of fruits/ vegetables grown in different parts of the world: i.e. apparently tomatoes grown in the UK have a footprint as much as five times larger than those grown in Spain - even when you factor in the transport costs - because of the energy required to hothouse them in a colder climate. Then there is what to buy when, what is in season etc. And such a guide needn't be limited to carbon footprints alone, no doubt some foods which have negative effects on their environments, require more in the way of pesticides, water, and others have positive impacts: mussels, for example, can be grown on ropes, taking up very little space, cause little concern in the way of animal rights, and their shells absorb carbon from the water they are in.
    Food for thought?

    Another question: how to I put hypertext links, italics etc. in my posts?
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