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Bicycle accessories/ bike lights
Last Post 30/12/2015 00:18:15 by leon.nixon. 0 Replies.
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30/12/2015 00:18:15

    I was recently looking at buying some lights for my bike. I ended up going with See.Sense after doing a bit of research as they seemed like the most ethical option.

    I emailed See.Sense the following:

    "I need to buy some new bike lights. How ethical are yours?

    I'm concerned about your environmental reporting, efforts to reduce your contribution to climate change, the use of polluting and/or toxic materials and your policy on habitats and resources. You say your packaging is recyclable, but do you use any recycled materials in your products or packaging? Do you use any PFCs in your products?

    I would also like to know how you treat your workers. How do you ensure that human rights and workers rights are not breached? Do you have any child labour or 'sweatshop' conditions? How do you manage your supply chain? I see that you manufacture in Northern Ireland, but is that just assembly of the final product or are all components made there? Furthermore, I would also like to know if you have any associations with arms and military supply.

    I must say that you seem to be one of the more environmentally friendly companies I have seen so far, besides from Knog. Manufacture in Ireland is definitely a plus, as is your use of WeForest."

    This is what they said in response to my email, none of the other companies even bothered to reply to me.

    "Thanks for your email. We take our ethical and environmental impact very seriously.

    - use recycled content in our paper and card components
    - don't use PFCs. Though we do use silicones which are very durable but not as environmentally kind as we would like.
    - we manufacture in Northern Ireland, it's not assembly, it's full manufacture (though of course, electronic components are made around the world - we only use brand name original components)
    - we have no associations with anything to do with arms or military supply

    Knog use contract manufacturers to produce their full products in China. It must be a challenge for them to match our standards."

    I mentioned Knog in my email to them as Sustrans suggested them as an ethical option.

    Hope this is useful for someone! I got some See.Sense lights for around £30 a piece from GO Outdoors.

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