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Last Post 09/05/2016 10:21:18 by Georgina. 1 Replies.
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25/04/2016 20:28:27
    Packaging, its production, use, consumption and then disposal, is very very hard to get away from. It's everywhere! If I recall correctly, you said delegates at the recent EC conference wanted to discuss reduction.

    Even if we buy a nice ethical product it invariably comes with lots of packaging. And, a lot of it is plastic. And there are a whole range of eco and other problems around plastic.

    Would like to see an article, or range of articles cover these sorts of topics:

    - legislation and policies in UK (and different devolved nations of that) on waste ie, are there any relevant initiatives taking place to reduce packaging? (Other than the plastic carrier bag charge, which isn't really addressing packaging.)

    - Plastic packaging - the oil and other ingredients, recycling or other options for its disposal, the plastic island in the oceans (and in the tummies of sea creatures)

    - how to campaign to get a reduction in the creation of so much packaging, and what are companies actually doing to address this issue.

    - which is 'best': litre plastic juice bottles or litre tetrapak cartons? Best for eco impact producing the thing, recylcing facilities, end of life span etc.

    - which is best? could be applied to other things where the consumer has a choice of the same/similar product but with different packaging.

    - what about food wrappers when companies say that they have to use x, y or z because of ... food shelf life etc, yet, other companies are using different materials eg one chocolate bar company (Sead and bean) uses paper outer and a recyclable foil inner, Inspiral (crisps) are compostable bags.

    - what are companies actually doing to reduce packaging creation? A lot seem to pay lip service it.

    - labelling: why is it not compulsory to put the type of plastic on the wrapper? What is the strang dual arrow logo, when it can't be recycled?

    - probably other points I've forgotten about

    I think this is huge issue, for a number of reasons. I think ethical companies should address packaging.

    New Member
    New Member

    09/05/2016 10:21:18

    Yes packaging is an important environmental issue. I will pass this information onto the content team.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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