Sep/Oct 2014

Readers Letters from Ethical Consumer Issue 150

Sep/Oct 2014

WonderWash woe
I read in your latest magazine an article about the Laundry Pod washing machine (special report on washing machines). What surprised me is that it takes 30 minutes to wash clothes. I have a hand-wound washing machine which takes only 5 minutes to wash clothes. Unfortunately it is worn out. I’ve been told they are no longer made. I’ve tried small table top electric washing machines, but they do not clean clothes as well as my WonderWash. If you know where I can obtain a WonderWash, please write to me.
W.D.R, Liverpool

Ed: Good news! The WonderWash hand-powered portable washer is available from a company in the US, The Laundry Alternative 1 Chestnut Street #5-E, Nashua, NH 03060, USA. Tel: +1 512 333 4521.



Invest in Clifton Community Arts Centre
Could Ethical Consumer Magazine give a small mention for our community share issue to save the Clifton cinema in Wellington, Shropshire? A local community group, The Clifton Community Arts Centre Ltd, want to buy the building through a crowdfunding share issue and need to raise £500,000.
Nick Jenkins, Shropshire


‘Hidden’ advantages of handwashing dishes
In his comparison between the environmental advantages of hand dishwashing or using a dishwasher, for many cases Professor Stamminger’s 2004 study was flawed (July/August 2014 p24). He used for his comparison washing an equal number of dishes, glasses, cutlery etc. using both methods. He did not include the items like saucepans, casserole dishes, bowls etc. that could not be washed in the machine but would always have to be washed by hand. Washing items like saucepans requires a reasonable quantity of hot water. This water can be used first to wash the other items which would otherwise have been placed in the machine. His comparison holds for ready meals heated in a microwave but for anyone seriously cooking their own meals, the story is different.
Andrew Gosling (email)




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