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Npower is owned by German company RWE. Find out more about the company's ethics from its coal suppliers to corporate lobbying.

Last updated: October 2015

Annual Revenue£4.5 billion (RWE)

Other BrandsNpower is a brand of RWE


Company Score7 out of 20




Ethical Consumer Best Buy?No


Ethical issues by category

In March 2013, Ethical Consumer searched RWE Ag's Annual Report 2012 (the parent company of Npower) and found that the company had a number of operations in countries which were considered to be governed by oppressive regimes. These included subsidiaries in China and Thailand plus it imports gas from Russia.

According to the article 'Lack of transparency on origins of coal leaves Dutch in the dark ' published on the SOMO website January 24th 2012, despite earlier promises, electricity companies including RWE were continuing to withhold important information about the origin of the coal they use. The article said this meant it was likely that coal imported into the Netherlands was from mines where abuses of human rights and the environment were taking place. 

As a company whose main operations are running coal fired power stations, Npower scores a full mark in Ethical Consumer's climate change category. 


The company is a member of the World Economic Forum. This is regarded by Ethical Consumer as an international corporate lobby group which exerts undue corporate influence on policy-makers in favour of market solutions that were potentially detrimental to the environment and human rights.

It was reported by the Financial Times on 16th April 2013 that RWE Npower had paid no corporation tax for 2009-2011 despite overall profits of £766 million for that period.

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