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Our Campaigns


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We run campaigns on key ethical issues and are currently campaigning for a boycott against Amazon for their use of tax avoidance. We also colloborate on The Lush Prize and founded the Fair Tax Mark and Save Our Bank


Boycott Amazon

Everything you need to know about our boycott against Amazon

Consumers all over the world are wising up to Amazon's tax avoidance schemes. Join the growing movement of people boycotting the company until they pay their fair share of tax.

Take action using our alternatives to Amazon guide.

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Tax Justice 

Companies use of tax havens must stop

In this time of austerity, tax avoidance is costing us all billions that we can't afford to lose. Read about our campaign to introduce ethical purchasing into government and local councils and find out what you can do.

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Turn Your Back on Grouse

Public concern among consumers and a lack of appetite in the current government to tackle the detrimental impacts of the grouse shooting industry, has led to our research into Corporate Shooting Days. 

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Campaigns We Support

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Find out about the campaigns we endorse

We support a variety of different campaigns, discover how they have used our research to build on their campaigns.  

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