Campaigns We Support

Last updated: December 2016


Campaigns We Support


We actively endorse a number of campaigns. We have worked closely with the campaigns below to provide support and research to help strenghen each overall message. 

 The Ethical Consumer team at the Lush Prize Awards 2015. 


The Lush Prize 

The Lush Prize is a collaboration between Ethical Consumer and Lush Cosmetics; a £350,000 annual fund to reward groups or individuals working in the field of cruelty-free scientific research, awareness raising and lobbying.



The Prize combines the research and campaigning skills of Ethical Consumer and the passion and resources of Lush staff and is the biggest prize in the non-animal testing sector. The Prize will continue until all animal testing has been replaced.



Lush Prize 2016


A record 102 nominations from 26 countries, 55 projects and scientists were shortlisted. 

This year, the London awards event was just one of three Lush Prizes taking place in November. 



The Lush Prize Young Researchers Americas took place in Vancouver on November 1st and awarded five American researchers £10,000 each.

The Lush Prize Young Researchers Asia took place in Seoul, South Korea on November 18th where three further young researchers from China, Japan and South Korea were rewarded.

Find out more about the winners on the Lush Prize website


Nominations for the 2017 prize will begin in April.




Lush Spring Prize


The Lush Spring Prize is a new collaborative project between Lush and Ethical Consumer. It will award £200,000 to projects around the world that are working towards environmental and social regeneration. 



How can people nominate themselves for a prize?

The project’s website contains more details about the prizes as well as application forms and background information. Nominations will close on February 28th 2017, and applications are welcomed from anywhere in the world.

A panel of judges will choose the winners from a shortlist in March 2017. The awards will be presented in May 2017 where we hope to gather a diverse group of stakeholders for a participatory conference at a high-profile and regenerative prize event.



Save Our Bank

Ethical Consumer and the Save Our Bank campaign launched a new crowdfunder to set up a Customer Union for Co-op bank customers. The target of £15,000 was smashed in just a few days and is currently at £24,683 with the campaigning running until 15 December 2015. 

The aim of the campaign is to keep the co-op bank ethical and return it to mutual ownership at the earliest possible opportunity.

The three aimes for the Customer Union are: 

  • Keeping and pushing forward the bank's ethical policies and campaigning 
  • Building a strong customer voice in how the bank is run
  • Growiing a "co-operative stake" in the bank, and campaigning for its eventual return to majority co-operative ownership

Pledge now:


Palm Oil Campaign


Ethical Consumer and the Rainforest Foundation joined forces to respond to the threat facing the Congo rainforest. Palm oil is an ingredient used in thousands of products from chocolate to shampoo. However, the mass production of palm oil is devastating the world's rainforests. 

The aim of the campaign is to encourage consumers to buy best rated products, forcing companies to use more sustainably sourced palm oil. 

We have researched extensively into palm oil to highlight which products contain it and subsequently the best ways to avoid it. 



Read more about the campaign >  



Fashion Revolution Transparency Index


More transparency equals greater consumer and regulatory accountability in the supply chain.


As a result, to track the fashion industry’s problem in this area and progress over time, Fashion Revolution and Ethical Consumer have partnered to publish the first edition of their Fashion Transparency Index which includes 40 of the biggest global fashion brands and ranks companies according to the level of transparency in their supply chain.  

Discover more about the campaign >



Move Your Money Campaign

Move Your Money is a national campaign to help improve the banking system and ensure it works for us. With the help of Ethical Consumer's report into banks, this campaign has encouraged customers to ditch the top 5 big banks and switch to an ethical alternative. 


In the past two years it has convinced over 2.4 million to move their money out of the big banks. 

"Real change won’t come from Westminster or the boardroom, but from ordinary people putting their foot down and saying enough is enough." Laura Willoughby MBE, Move your Money

Move your money now

Learn more about our research behind the campaign. 



Global BDS Movement


Ethical Consumer support the BDS movement which is a global civil society intervention aimed at exerting economic pressure on Irsael, de-legitisming the country as an apartheid state. 

One of the key aspects of the campaign is to ask consumers to boycott products that operate within illegal Israeli settlements. 

For more information see our 'Boycott Israel' page which details more about the movement and lists the top 10 BDS campaign consumer boycott targets. 


Video from the BDS Movement explaining the campaign so far. 






Our Campaign

Everything you need to know about our boycott against Amazon

Consumers all over the world are wising up to Amazon's tax avoidance schemes. Join the growing movement of people boycotting the company until they pay their fair share of tax.

Take action using our alternatives to Amazon guide.

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