Lush Prize

Last updated: November 2015


The Lush Prize is a collaboration between Ethical Consumer and Lush Cosmetics; a £250,000 annual fund to reward groups or individuals working in the field of cruelty-free scientific research, awareness raising and lobbying.

The Prize combines the research and campaigning skills of Ethical Consumer and the passion and resources of Lush staff and is the biggest prize in the non-animal testing sector. The Prize will continue until all animal testing has been replaced.


Lush Prize 2015


The Lush Prize Awards and Conference took place on Friday 20 November in London. In addition to £200,000 being shared by the winners of the lobbying, training, public awareness, science and young researchers awards, this year the judges launched the Black Box awards.

It is called the ‘Black Box Prize’ because traditional product safety testing, relying on animal tests, explains little about whether and how chemicals cause adverse health effects in humans: it treats the issue as a ‘black box’. Lush wants to help open the box and improve the science of safety testing.



The Ethical Consumer team at the Lush Prize Awards.


Lush Prize 2014

The 2014 Lush Prize Awards and Conference took place in London on Wednesday 14th November.




Visit the Lush Prize site to find out more.



Lush Prize 2013


The 2013 Lush Prize Awards and Conference took place in London on Wednesday 13th November.



See the 13 prize winners 



Research Papers 2013


As part of the awards process we provide an up-to-date global overview of each sector, which can be downloaded  as PDF documents below:  

Lobbying Prize 2103
Public Awareness Prize 2013
Science Prize 2013
Training Prize 2013
Young Researchers Prize 2013












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