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Our research is now powering the Move Your Money campaign

Ethical Consumer has teamed up with Move Your Money so you can easily switch your bank account from the big five to a more ethical alternative.


Be part of the change

In the last 18 months, over 2.4 million people have answered Move Your Money’s call to move their accounts out of the big banks.

Banks rely on our money to keep them afloat, so by moving our money to better banks we can help build a banking system that works in our interests.

Moving our money means that we stop supporting 'business as usual' and take a powerful step towards a more responsible banking system.

Today, you can join the growing movement of people across the world who are no longer prepared to wait for politicians and bankers to change things.

They’ve had their chance. Now it’s up to us.


Join millions of others and switch now on the Move Your Money site (opens in new window)




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