Tax Justice


Last updated: June 2018


Corporate tax abuse continues to make headline news with more and more companies outed as tax avoiders. This section aims to help consumers campaign on the issue.


Starbucks protest, photo credit: Getty Images



Company tax avoidance rankings

Companies rated worst by Ethical Consumer for likely use of tax avoidance strategies

These companies and their famous brands have all been given our worst rating for likely use of tax avoidance strategies, from Acer to Yum Major.

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Tax Havens

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How Ethical Consumer rates companies on tax

Ethical Consumer’s list of tax havens and our rating system.

All the details on how we rate companies on tax for our unique product guides.

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Fair Tax Mark Campaign

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Fair tax is at the heart of a fair society

Ethical Consumer and Tax Research UK have set up the Fair Tax Mark to award businesses with an open and responsible tax policy. Find out which companies have signed up.

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The Taxpert

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Richard Murphy gives his unrivalled insight and analysis

Richard Murphy, the chief economic advisor to Jeremy Corbyn, gives us his opinion on all things tax related.

From how it affects our democracy to corporate misbehaviour, all you need to know about our tax system and how it works.

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Boycott Amazon

Amazon is the UK's number one tax avoider

Eight MPs have backed our call to boycott Amazon. We have an exclusive interview with chair of the public accounts select committee Margaret Hodge

Join the campaign and discover alternatives for doing your shopping. 

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