The Taxpert

Last updated: October 2015


Richard Murphy gives his unrivalled insight and analysis


Richard Murphy, accountant, economist and long term campaigner against tax avoidance shares his opinion on the latest tax news.

From how it affects our democracy to corporate misbehaviour, all you need to know about the tax system and how it works.



The era of country-by-country reporting is arriving

Richard Murphy explains that new rules may soon come in to play regarding profit-shifting by multinational corporations.

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Corporate Takeover

George has got his dream: the UK is now a tax haven

Richard Murphy explains what the latest corporate takeover says about tax haven UK.

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What is a tax haven?

Move Your Movey offer

Introduction to tax havens

Richard Murphy reveals the 'secrecy world' of offshore activites and how these companies are able to get away with such dubious practices.

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Fair tax for fair profit

How do you spot a company that's got an ethical policy?

Richard Murphy tackles a question that he is asked frequently and suggests an explanation which would make it harder for corporations to dodge tax and therefore easier to spot an ethical financial business model.

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