Amazon-free books

Amazon-free books

How to buy books without shopping at Amazon

As part of our Boycott Amazon campaign over the company's systematic tax avoidance, we look at how we can challenge the retail Goliath when buying books. Includes the environmental impact of e-readers versus paper books, radical bookshops directory, independent bookshops, tax avoidance ratings and conflict minerals.

Product guides to bookshops, online booksellers, e-book and e-readers.

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Banking Industry - April 2012

banking special report

A new direction for banking?

Product guides to savings and current accounts, ISAs and mortgages.

The issues around campaigning for change following the banking crisis, and what you can do as a consumer. 

We also look at the role of mutuals and credit unions, Islamic banking, and the case for a Tobin tax. 

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Cleaning products - toxic chemicals

hosuehold cleaners roduct guide

We spend £1 billion a year on cleaners and detergents

We look at the health risks around toxic chemicals in many cleaners and detergents, the use of animal testing, packaging and alternatives to buying ready-made cleaners.

The report covers 5 product guides, plus company profiles, and the DIY non-toxic cleaning kit.

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Cosmetics & Toiletries - toxins & cruelty free - September 2012

cosmetics & toiletries buyers' guide

Is your body on the toxic front-line?

The UK ethical cosmetics market is now worth over £500million and growing at 10% per year.

We examine the debate over fluoride in toothpaste, nanotechnology in sunscreens and why animal-testing is still a live issue due to exports to China.

The report covers 9 product guides, company profiles, a list of toxic chemicals to avoid and an editorial on cruelty-free legislation.

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UK Dairy Industry - milk, badgers & consumers - Nov 2012

dairy industry special report


Badgers getting the blame for a crisis in the dairy industry

We investigate animal welfare issues, badger culling, the recent farmgate price battles, supermarket price wars, non-dairy alternatives, and badger-friendly organic brands.

Product guides to Dairy Milk and Non-Dairy Milk.

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Energy Industry - You've got the power! - July 2013

greener energy special report

Switch on to greener energy

Special report on energy. How you can tackle the climate change impact of the energy industry by switching supplier, generating energy locally or by campaigning against fossil fuels.

Ethical ratings of green electricity tariffs and gas suppliers.

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Ethical Finance - March 2014

ethical finance special report

How your savings can help to fight climate change

Special report on Ethical Finance. Financing renewable energy. Pension funds and climate change. Crowdfunding. Listing of ethical investments.

Ethical ratings of banks, building societies, ethical investment funds, ethical pensions.

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Fashion Industry

Ethical Consumer magazine

Fashion Victims

Clothes industry special report. Product guides to high street and online clothes shops, alternative clothes companies & underwear.

Also Rana Plaza update, living wage report, Uzbek cotton and environmental information and much much more...

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Food Industry - March 2013

insurance special report

Food, justice and corporate power

We look at who's controlling our food and the power they have over producers and consumers. Includes food sovereignty, genetic modification, food labelling, speculating on food markets, local food initiatives and the new supermarket watchdog.

Product guides to bread, breakfast cereals and supermarkets.

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Home Appliances - July 2014

Ethical Consumer magazine

Home Appliances

The greenest way to wash, cool and cook. Product guides to fridges & freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, cookers and microwave ovens.

Also Energy Labels, marigold versus dishwasher, gas or electric, are microwaves bad for you? and much much more...

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Insurance Industry - January 2013

insurance special report

Is your insurance company funding climate change?

How insurance companies may be investing in controversial activities, the price of premiums versus ethics, the first ethically-screened policies, plus ratings of life insurance companies and ethical investment providers. Features on buying insurance, climate change, arms industry, tax havens, transparency and shareholder action.

Product guides to car, home, pet and travel insurance - our ratings help you to choose companies with the most ethical investments.

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The Internet - Sept 2014

internet special report

How ethical is your online life?

Special report on the Internet. The internet and activism. State surveillance. What's wrong with Google. The environmental impact of the internet.

Ethical ratings of social networks, web browsers, search engines, email providers and mobile phone operating systems.

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Mobile phones & broadband - Nov 2013

mobile phones special report

A new dawn for mobile phones

Special report on mobiles and broadband. The launch of a new fairer phone. The impact of mobile phones on your health and the environment. Conflict minerals. Workers' rights. Tracking smartphones. Mobiles helping human rights activists.

Ethical ratings of mobile phones, mobile phone networks and broadband.

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Fizzy soft drinks - Sept 2013

greener energy special report

Why soft drinks are bad news for you and the planet

Special report on soft drinks. The impact of fizzy drinks on your health and the environment. Includes sugar and caffeine content comparison, the hidden water footprint and the plastic bottle problem.

Ethical ratings of colas, energy drinks and other fizzy soft drinks.

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supermarkets guide

Which is the most ethical supermarket?

Our latest guide ranks the seven major supermarkets against the discounters Aldi, Lidl and Iceland. Plus, which supermarket comes top for online shopping. Plus we look at Fairtrade bananas, animal welfare and use of greenhouse gases in supermarkets' fridges.

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Tea & herbal tea - Dec 2013

tea special report

A nice cup of tea?

Special report on tea. Wages of tea workers. Ethical tea standards compared. Fairtrade versus Rainforest Alliance. The environmental impact of tea.

Ethical ratings of black tea, green tea, herbal & fruit tea and rooibos.

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