Eating Out

Welcome to our special report on eating out


In this special report we feature three guides to eating out. For those lucky enough to dine out regularly, the decision of where to eat is often a difficult one in regard to company ethics.

Many of the chain restaurants appear to be places to avoid. They are often controlled by private equity firms whose cost-cutting and tax avoidance can have a devastating impact on individuals and the wider economy.

There are of course numerous other ethical issues prevalent throughout the sector including that of low pay. We look at this issue, and the backlash against it, in the fast food and restaurant sectors.

Fortunately there are plenty of alternative eateries out there and the independent sector is thriving.

If you’re just looking to grab a cup of coffee, it’s a similar story with tax dodging rife amongst the big chains.

However there are some clear signs of improvement in regard to supply-chain issues with many coffee shopsnow offering a full range of ethically accredited beverages and also soya milk.


Product guides


Coffee Shops

  • Ethical and environmental ratings for 14 coffee shop chains
  • profiles of selected companies
  • Best Buy recommendations
  • sustainability on the menus
  • tax dodging & Starbucks
  • Fairtrade and other models




  • ethical and environmental ratings for 42 restaurants
  • Best Buy recommendations
  • how restaurants compare on their use of sustainable ingredients
  • tips for finding an ethical restaurant
  • how the restaurants fare on tax avoidance and workers' rights


Fast food chains 

  • ethical and environmental ratings for 7 fast food chains
  • Best Buy recommendations
  • how they compare on their use of sustainable ingredients
  • marketing fast food to kids
  • how they fare on tax avoidance and workers' rights





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