Ethical Banking

Issue 162

Last updated: April 2018



Ethical Banking 


The banking sector hasn't been short of negative press in recent years. Widespread tax avoidance, excessive directors' pay, investments in fossil fuels and nuclear weapons, are just some issues campaigners have targeted mainstream banks for. 

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Our report into the banking industry shines a light on some of these unethical practices. We share some ethical alternatives such as 'credit unions' and discuss our 'save our bank' campaign, in regards to Coop Bank. 


Fracking Bankers

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Which Banks Fund Fracking Projects?

Our research as found that Barclays, HSBC and Lloyds all offer banking services to fracking companies. 

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Bankers' Pay

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Directors' Pay in the Financial Sector

We take a look at the banks paying their senior staff more than £1 million, an amount we believe is excessive in a world of huge inequalities.

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Credit unions

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What is a Credit Union?

Become part of a 'mutual' - save or borrow money, learn about your finances and participate in business decisions. 

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Save Our Bank

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Should I Stay with the Co-operative Bank?

The Co-op Bank was bailed out to prevent near financial collapse - but at what ethical cost?

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Financing Fossil Fuels

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Banking on Climate Change

We review two new climate change reports to assess how banks are responding to public scrutiny of their financing of fossil fuels.

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