Ethical Investments

Issue 162 

Last updated: July 2016 



Fossil-free Investments?


Despite there being more than 100 ‘ethical funds’ on the UK market, very few of them have yet embraced the idea of carbon divestment. The idea of spreading risk across economic sectors is very entrenched in the minds of investment managers and fossil fuels are a big sector to walk away from.

We look at 13 of the most divested ethical funds as the new gold standard in the market.

We also look at how people can use direct investments or peer to peer lending to fund the clean energy infrastructure that needs to replace fossil fuels.


Attitudes to ethical investment

Infographic by Abundance Generation below showing a growing demand for ethical investment, particularly from women; and renewable energy as the second favoured investment area (after property, before oil and gas) in the UK.

Infographic by Abundance

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Product Guide

Photo: ethical investments

Ethical Guide to Ethical Investment Funds

Ethical and environmental ratings for 19 green funds. Best buy recommendations and a guide on how to invest ethically. 

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How to Invest

Introduction to ethical investment

Introduction to Ethical Investments

Ethical and green funds are on the rise, however the different types of funds can be complex. We reveal the different types of ethical investments and how to get the best financial advice. 

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call for greater transparency

A call for greater transparency

We call for greater transparency so you can see where your money goes. We explain our transparency ratings and explain what we want from financial companies. 

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Choosing an IFA

ethical investments

Picking an Ethical Independent Financial Advisor

We reveal the ethical investment pioneers to help you make good financial decisions. Are ethical savings just for the wealthy? 

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Ethical Directory

Photo: Ethical investment

Ethical Projects to Invest in

Direct ethical investments allow individuals to create change by supporting environmental and social projects. See which ethical projects are worth supporting. 

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Product Guide

Photo: Fossil Free Funds

Ethical Guide to Fossil-Free Funds

Ethical and environmental ratings for 13 different funds. Best buy recommendations and we reveal which funds are investing in renewable energy projects. 

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