Ethical Pensions

Last updated: July 2016 



Ethical Pensions

In the UK, new government regulations mean that all employers need to make pension arrangements for their staff by 2018. Campaigners have recently realised that none of the state-approved ‘auto enrolment’ options are fossil free and are beginning to look for sustainable solutions. 

Product Guide

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Ethical Shopping Guide to Pensions

Ethical and environmental ratings for 11 ethical pension providers. 

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Pensions and Climate Change

The GreenLight Campaign encourages consumers to write to their pension fund asking it to use its power to fight climate change, not fuel it. 

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Are there any sustainable options?

The introduction of the auto enrolment policy in the UK has brought millions of new people into a pension scheme. We ask if any of these schemes are considered ethical or free from fossil fuels. 

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ShareAction Ranking

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How ethical are auto enrolment pensions?

ShareAction recently published an ethical ranking of the biggest providers of auto enrolment pensions in the UK. See which pension providers are leading the way. 

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