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Fashion Industry


Clothing is an essential part of daily life. However, it’s an ethical minefield of complex supply chains, resource depletion and waste. This fashion section seeks to lead consumers through that minefield and the vast array of sustainability issues in the clothing market.


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Our research focuses on two main areas, workers’ rights and the environment. The former has seen some big leaps forward in terms of reporting and transparency, but it appears that the latter has sadly remained stuck in the past. 

We also highlight some positives in the industry and shine a light on those brands who are paying more attention to their social and environmental responsibilities, along side the campaigns striving for a fairer industry. 


Factory Safety

Four Years on from Rana Plaza

We look at progress towards creating safer clothing factories in Bangladesh. 

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The World's Thirstiest Crop?

We look at cotton production in the clothing industry which is plagued with workers' rights issues and high water footprint. 

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Campaign for Clean Viscose 

An investigation into the supply of viscose, a man-made fibre widely used in the textile supply chain, has uncovered evidence of the deadly impact of its production. 

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Workers' Rights 

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Changing Attitudes to Supply Chain Management

We list the three reasons why we have seen a massive improvement in clothing retailers being awarded a best rating for supply chain management. 

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See our individual product guides for a comparison of the brands:

Ethical Retailers

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Ethical Shopping Guide to Alternative Clothing

Ethical and environmental ratings for 27 alternative clothing brands and our best buy recommendations.  

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