Seed Freedom

Last updated: April 2015



10 steps you can take to protect seed freedom

As the light returns and the days lengthen, it’s time to prepare for the growing season
ahead. The type of seed we purchase and where we purchase our seed from, can play a small part in protecting seed diversity. We can also do more.

Image of the great seed festival

The Great Seed Festival 2014, photo credit: Helen Strong


How to support the growing Seed Freedom Movement:

  • Buy organic, open-pollinated seed from one of Ethical Consumer’s Best Buy seed companies.


  • Choose vegetables to eat and grow for taste and provenance, rather than size and a uniform shape.


  • Pressure your favourite seed company to source more open-pollinated seed and encourage them to display the open-pollinated seed logo on their packets.



  • Turn your garden into a nectar- and pollen-rich zone for pollinating insects, supporting them in their important seed creation role.


  • Seed bomb your neighbourhood and any un-loved land with wild flower seeds collected locally or bought from one of Ethical Consumer’s Best Buy seed companies.


  • Learn how to save seed and join your local seed savers group or set up a local living seed library.


  • Keep up to date on changes in seed legislation, and initiate/join a campaign or sign a petition where necessary.


  • Avoid companies promoting F1 hybrids, GMOs and harmful pesticides over open-pollinated seed varieties and organic farming methods. And let them know why!


  • Celebrate the seed and host a seed-related event, spreading awareness of the seed’s important role. Events can be publicised here.



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