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Includes guides to: Fragrances, Underwear, Soft Drinks, Fruit Juice

Plus: Carbon offsetting schemes

Issue 170 (Jan/Feb 2018) now in print and online.

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Image: Veganuary


10 vegan food brands whose owners sell meat or dairy

Our new research reveals that the UK's vegans are unwittingly supporting companies that are deeply involved in the meat and dairy industries.
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How much does a pint of Milk really cost?

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Image: carrbon offsetts

Carbon Offsets

Josie Wexler delves into the murky world of carbon offsets

Carbon offsetting is deeply controversial on a number of levels. While we don’t endorse it, this feature deals with the best way to offset if you do want to do it. 

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10 vegan food brands whose owners sell meat or dairy


As you gorge yourself on nut cheese and coconut yogurt for Veganuary your money could still be finding its way into the pockets of those who profit from animal exploitation 

The Bittersweet Taste of Stevia


Carla Hoinkes, from the Swiss campaign group Public Eye, tells us about the campaign to protect Guarani rights in the growing stevia market

How To Combat The Fast Fashion Mindset


Understanding the life-cycle of your unwanted clothes is integral to fighting this wasteful culture