Rainforest Foundation offer

Rainforest Foundation supporters, welcome to Ethical Consumer



We hope that you'll take advantage of our special subscription offer for Rainforest Foundation and palm oil campaign supporters.

We will donate £10 from every new subscription to the Rainforest Foundations palm oil campaign to protect the Congo Basin.

To ensure that the Rainforest Foundation gets the donation simply type 'rainforestoffer' into the 'where did hear about us' field on the ordering pages.

And of course you will still also be eligible for our 4 week trial offer. 

See below for information about our subscription.


Who we are

For over 20 years we've been the UK's alternative consumer organisation.

When organisations such as Christian Aid, Oxfam, Co-op Group or The Guardian need hard facts to make important decisions, they come to us. So do thousands of consumers like you, using our unique tools & information to power their shopping choices.

Our mission is to promote ethical consumption, not make profits; so we make our subscriptions as cheap as possible.

Just 58p a week buys unlimited web access, Ethical Consumer magazine, and more:

  • Full access to all product guides, product details, company information and research data
  • Full access on your mobile phone
  • Instant downloadable PDF of every research report (worth over £300)
  • 6 issues of the Magazine as Digital download only, or also as a Print copy 
  • Magazine back catalogue as PDF downloads
  • Free listing in the new business directory
  • Email newsletter, full access to the Forums, introduction booklet.

Choose either a Digital-only subscription, or get a Print copy of the Magazine delivered to your door for the same price
(or £46 with postage and packing if overseas).

Cancel by phone or email within 4 weeks for a full no-questions-asked refund!

Inspire and enlighten your friends and family with the gift of a year's subscription to Ethical Consumer.


Your gift recipient will receive access to all our print and web products:
•    a copy of the magazine either in digital format or delivered by post
•    log in details so they can access our subscriber-only website

•    the gift includes sponsorship of an organic olive sapling in Palestine, where olive trees and their harvest provide the livelihood for entire communities. Your gift recipient will receive a certificate of sponsorship.

One year’s gift subscription to Ethical Consumer costs only £29.95.

It includes six print issues of the magazine with free home delivery and a free digital subscription.* Plus access to all our 200+ product guides online with daily updated company scores, the stories behind the scores, customisable ratings, and downloadable reports and back issues.

* A digital only subscription does not include a print magazine.


Your gift recipient will be able to access the website as soon as you send them the log-in email that you will get from us. If you choose a print subscription (rather than digital only), we will send the first magazine out shortly after.


Please call us on 0161 226 2929 to set up your gift subscription.

Features Comparison

  Visitor Registered User Subscriber
Email Newsletter cross check check
Post Comments cross check check
View Free Product Guides check check check
View Recent (6 months) Product Guides * cross check check
View Product Details cross cross check
View Company Information cross cross check
Save Customised Ratings cross per visit check
Contact Companies Directly cross cross check
Download Research Reports £3 each £3 each check
Download Back Issues £4.25 each £4.25 each check
Ethical Directory Entry cross cross check
Receive Ethical Consumer Magazine cross cross check



* What are the Recent Product Guides?

Product guides first published in the last 6 months are only available to registered users or subscribers. These are currently: shampoo, sunscreen, soap, shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste, make-up, skincare, shaving foam, baby toiletries, car,home, pet and travel insurance; bread, breakfast cereals and supermarkets.



Can I get the information you cover elsewhere?

Much of it yes, from the primary sources we collect information from - NGOs and campaign groups, government data, specialist periodicals, company Annual Reports and such like. If you've got the time to do your own research. But you would also miss out on the analysis and context ECRA brings. 

There are also a couple of commercial organisations that claim to provide similar ratings to ours, but these lack our academic rigour and transparency, and barely scratch the surface of what's really going on.  



Will I use my subscription?

Our stats and feedback show that over 90% of web subscribers visit the site at least once a month, and the large majority of our subscribers regularly use Ethical Consumer to help them make purchasing decisions.

Also, unlike an unused gym membership, you'll still be doing something with your subscription - helping all this to happen!

Still not sure?  Subscribe today and if you aren't satisfied just cancel within 4 weeks to get a full refund!



Can I purchase a subscription over the phone?

Yes, just call us on 0161 226 2929 with your credit card details.



How does the Trial Offer work?

You buy a subscription and if you don't want to continue with it you can cancel any time within the first 4 weeks to receive a full refund.  Just telephone us during office hours on 0161 226 2929 and we'll sort it out. 



What are the  'product details and company information'?

These are the interactive in-depth extras that sit behind all of our Buyers' Guides. They help you to understand exactly what the companies behind the brand names are up to.

To see an example click on any of the brand names in the  free laptops report.  You'll then see more detail about the product - click on any of the category stories to see research data we are using to rate the product. Or click on the Company name to see its rating, and drill down further into some of our research data. 



What is a Research Report? 

A downloadable PDF document - usually 30 to 50 pages long - giving the detailed research data behind a buyers' guide. They cost £3 each or are free to subscribers. Here is an example report. 


I just get Ethical Consumer magazine. How do I upgrade my subscription to get full access to the website as well?

Please take out a new subscription rather than trying to renew. We will then send you your log in details and make sure you don't miss any issues of the magazine.



Do you have any special offers for Schools?

Yes, we offer a couple of options.

If you wish to make the website available to all the users on a school or educational network, we can do so with access restricted by IP address rather than password. This will allow up to 200 simultaneous logins. The cost is currently £85 +VAT (£99.88 in total).

If you want separate password log-ins, which allows customised settings, we offer 30 subscriptions for £300 +VAT - a saving of £600. Please email us  or phone 0161 226 2929 for more information or to subscribe to this service.



Mmm, I have another question

We'd like to hear it! Please email us  or phone 0161 226 2929. 



"A real inspiration and a helpful guide to an increasingly complex world!"
Mrs Barker, Exeter
"A mind-boggling thoroughness and integrity that makes everyone else look like a Charlatan."
Lucy Siegle, the Observer
"A great source of information for concerned citizens and campaigners alike."
Ian, London
"Essential reading for everyone that believes in democracy and citizen power as a way to create a truly sustainable society."
Charles Secrett,
former Executive Director,
Friends of the Earth
"Relevant, Radical Reading"
Andrew, Nottingham
"The ethical consumer movement officially began in 1989 with the launch of a British magazine bearing its name."
New Zealand Herald
"Shines a light to show the way through a minefield of consumer choices!"
Sue, Manchester
"Ethical Consumer is a drawing pin strategically placed on the throne of corporate rule.”
Ed Mayo,
National Consumer Council
"A mine of useful information for any concerned consumer."
Kath Manners, Edinburgh
"I trust ECRA, which saves me a lot of time."
Christopher, Brighton
Promoted ethical behaviour in consumerism before it finally became fashionable."
Norma Grindle, County Londonderry
"The gold standard of consumer information for the ethical shopper."
Emma Llewellyn, Bangor
"The definitive reference to corporate responsibility."
Ian Buckland, London