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How to make co-ops the dominant business model

Sep 4

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See the top 3 ideas and submit your own

2012 is the International Year of Co-operatives. It is also a year when capitalism itself is in crisis. Scientists and academics point to increasingly dangerous levels of climate change and habitat destruction, Europe and America are facing their worst economic problems for a generation, and social movements around the world - such as 'occupy' - are calling for sweeping reforms.

What changes need to happen for co-operatives to become the dominant business model?

The top 3 ideas submitted by and voted for by the public are:

  • How to work in co-ops should be taught at school
  • Sustainability and social justice principles should be required of all co-ops
  • There needs to be a networked co-operative movement giving the local and small the power of the big


To see more details about these ideas, and to see all the ideas,  cast your vote or add your own idea, go to The Co-operative Alternative to Capitalism.





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