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Shell stops Arctic oil drilling

Sep 17

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Greenpeace campaign success

For over six months, huge numbers of Greenpeace supporters have been pressuring Shell to stay out of the Arctic. On 17th September, company bosses announced they were scrapping their oil drilling programme for this year. It's a huge victory for people power.

As one of the world's biggest oil companies, Shell was set to lead the pack and spark the Arctic oil rush. But a few hours ago they admitted defeat for 2012.

With the eyes of two million people on them, Shell executives knew that any mistakes would be noticed. And today they admitted yet another one. A special dome which was designed to clean up after a spill has been damaged. That means the end of the project for this year.

The significance of Shell stopping oil drilling is hard to overestimate. After sinking five billion dollars into its failing programme, other oil giants are now questioning the logic of Arctic drilling. Only a few days ago, the Norwegian company Statoil said it was going to wait and see how Shell gets on in the Arctic.

This is a huge step forward for the Save the Arctic campaign, but it needs to be built on it to make sure we keep the Arctic protected from all oil drillers, for good.

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