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Video: enough food campaign launched

Jan 22

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Campaign groups team up to lobby G8

Over 100 organisations, including ActionAid, Christian Aid and the Salvation Army, have teamed up for the 'Enough Food For Everyone IF' campaign.

Those involved say that nearly one billion people go to bed hungry every night and two million children die from malnutrition every year yet there is enough food for everyone.

Campaigners believe that this problem of unfair distribution of resources can be solved by addressing 4 key issues: International aid, tax avoidance, corporate transparency and the emergence of bio-fuels.



Activists will lobby the government on these 4 key themes in the run up to the G8 in June in an effort to get governments to take action.

On their website Christian Aid say "Hunger is the world's most shocking problem and our toughest challenge. One in eight people on this planet lives with the pain of hunger. And yet our planet provides enough food for everyone. It's unfair, it's unjust, and - it's totally preventable. We can push world leaders to end this injustice by tackling four big IFs ."

The campaign is also supported by such luminaries as One Direction, Orlando Bloom, Natasha Kaplinky, David Harewood, David Gyasi, Anjelique Kidjo, Nina Wadia and Myleene Klass, but we have yet to spot Bob Geldof. In a bitter twist of irony Bill Gates has also signed up to the campaign despite some evidence of serious tax avoidance by his company Microsoft.


Find out more about our tax justice campaign featuring our Amazon boycott.





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