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The Co-operative Movement and Open Source

Feb 11

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Latest prize-winning essay online

Last September as part of the Co-ops United conference held in Manchester we awarded our 'Co-operative Alternatives to Capitalism' essay prize.

We hoped the prize would encourage co-operators around the world to write, think and share ideas around the co-operative movement and the current economic crisis.

We've been updating our website with the winning entries. You can now read Nic Wistreich's essay, 'Open Source Capitalism'.

The co-operative movement and the open source movement both create complex, world-class organisations motivated by social rather than financial goals. From Wikipedia and Linux to Mondragon and the Co-operative Bank, both movements offer coherent alternatives to the kind of business-as-usual profit-seeking structures which are driving the world to the brink of ecological collapse.

Yet they are separate and largely independent from each other.  Why is this?  What might the potential be if they joined forces?  Could we be within the grasp of a real alternative to capitalism?

These are just some of the questions answered in the latest of our prize-winning essays to go live on our website today. 

Nic Wistreich's essay, 'Open Source Capitalism' is available as a PDF here.

Find out more about Nic here.





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